Chapter 86: I would Rather

I got only one dream: To be happy with Farrah. And I am almost reaching it. I am married with her, and we have the same feelings for each other. What I am longing for right now is for us to have a child. Though Farrah is still 28 and I just turned 30, I am ready. I just don' know if Farrah wants the same, but I hope it is.

I have been begging her a lot of times in Batanes to make a baby, though I made sure that I did everything I need to do, it is still up to Farrah since I am not sure if she's taking shots or pills.

"My husband smells so nice, but the food smells better. I wonder if he can still add some chili on it?"  I heard her voice coming from behind. She wrapped her arms around my waist and glanced at the pan in front of me.

I moved his body to the side and kissed the tip of her nose before glancing back to tha pan and stir it.

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