Chapter 5: Jungle Juice

Chapter 5: Jungle Juice

"Daddy?" Bewilderness filled my voice as I glance at the tall, masculine man in front of me.

He's wearing a white button-down long sleeve folded until his elbows, a black slacks, and a pair of expensive black shoes. 

"What are you doing here?" I added

He only looked at me with shock, his lips parted, and his eyes so round. I glance at the woman beside him and arch a brow. 

"Who is this again?" I proudly said as I held my chin up. I gave her a head-to-toe scanning and rolled my eyes. She's tall, has a round big breasts and small waist. Of course, her hips are perfect and her legs are long but not longer than mine. Jet black straight hair and...sophisticated.

Minus the fact that she's an addition to Dad's mistresses. I sneered.

"And you are the so-called VVIP, huh?" My heels created a sound as I whirled around the woman in front of me. I touched her shiny hair smirked. "So you also used my dad's name?" I glanced back at the sales attendant and crossed my arms. 

"Who's VVIP card did she use?" I asked. "Is it Mr. Falcon Evans?" Recognition dawned on the attendee's face and immediately nodded. I burst out into mocking laughter and stared at the mistress, and then back to the attendant who's now looking at me with an awkward expression. 

"Pack the bag and for me. I'm Farrah Evans, a more deserving lady for my Dad's VVIP card." 

"What? Are you nuts?" Her stagy voice boomed. 

"Falcon said she doesn't have a daughter!" 

My brows furrowed more as I lingered my eyes to my dad who's now avoiding my gaze. 

"And you dare to tell me lies?" She said in disbelief. 

The girl scoffed as she glances at the whole room. Some people are whispering at each other while looking at us. Dad's eyes followed her gaze and his forehead creased.

"People will really use someone's name just so they could buy things," The girl said with a proud smirk plastered on her face. 

"And those words came from a side chick's mouth?" I laughed. 

"Who is she, Daddy?" I emphasized the word "Daddy". Dad's lips parted as he glanced at me with nervousness. She then threw the attendee a gaze and to the mistress. He sighed.

"Pack the bag and put it under my name, give it to Minerva." He glanced at me with a blank expression. 

"Who are you, young lady?" My jaw dropped. What the fuck? Is this some kind of joke? 

I have never been this humiliated in my entire life! I have always known that my Dad is cheating but I never met him with his girl. I've seen one of her mistresses, and it is different from that girl. 

Mom is nescient about all these and I couldn't afford to see her crying so I don't tell it to her. 

This is the first time that I confronted them but I never thought he'll deny me and in front of many people! 

Farrah Evans, the heiress of Pacifica Airlines has been disowned by his father! That will be a huge scoop for me! 

I threw the attendee a sharp gaze before strutting my way out of that damn place. I no longer want to shop because of that embarrassing moment so I headed home.

I pulled my blanket up to my head and closed my eyes. I was about to sleep when I heard a loud knock behind my door. 

"Farrah! We need to talk!" Dad's voice thundered. I immediately shoved the blanket off my body and stood up.

"No, go and talk to your damn mistress!" I yelled, losing all the respect that I have for him. 

"Open the damn door!" He screamed and knocked on the door loudly. His voice was filled with wrath as he slaps the door continuosly. 

I licked my lips and made my way to the closet to change my clothes. I can feel that Dad will not stop knocking if I'll stay here. And enduring a night with him suffocates me. I don't want a cheater inside my home so I'll leave. 

The sound stopped for a while but the knob turned and revealed Dad's built. His eyes were sharp and he's breathing fast. 

"What did you do?!" He screamed as soon as she saw me. I rolled my eyes and picked a dark red lipstick and swipe it on my lips, not minding his presence behind me. 

"Farrah! Talk to me!" I turned around and stared at him with pure boredom. 

"Who are you?" I asked, mimicking what he said earlier. 

His face darkened, veins started to be visible on his forehead and his eyes became sharp. 

"How dare you humiliate me in front of many people?!"

"And how dare you disown me just because of that mistress?!" 

He walked in haste and covered my mouth with his hand. "Lower down your voice! Your Mom might hear those!" 

I tried to stifle a laugh. I slapped his arm and held my chin up. 

"What? You're embarrassed? Falcon Evans, the owner of Pacifica Airlines, is a fucking cheater!" I hysterically laughed and gave him a smug look. 

His hands traveled from his side down to my cheek. The excruciating pain filled my whole 

being. I put my hand in my cheek and stared at him with pure anger. 

"Disrespectful!" He yelled and turned his back on me. 

My lips quivered. Tears started to pool down my eyes as I feel the pain he gave me. My own father hurt me physically, and emotionally. And he didn't even look regretful doing that! 

I waited 'til I calmed myself down and retouched my make-up. 

"Van, you free?" I asked on the other line. 

"What's up?"

"Let's party," I said in a low voice. I heard some noises on her line.

"What? I'm in Cavite! Sorry, girl!" 

I bit my lips and nodded even when she can't see it. 

"Alright. Bye." 

I drove myself to the nearest nightclub. I'll drink my ass off tonight. I headed towards the bar and sat on a stool, just in front of the bartender.

"Give me a hard drink, I wanna get drunk." I licked my lips. 

"You sure?" The bartender eyed me with a hint of hesitance. I furrowed my brows and glared at him. "What? I'm going to pay for everything I'll drink!" 

He raised his hands and smirked at me. "Chill," and then he turned around to mix the drinks. 

"Here," he handed me a yellow liquor. "What is this?" I asked, still looking at the glass served in front of me. 

"That is a jungle juice." He gave me a lopsided smile and shifted his gaze to the hard drink.

What a really weird name. 

"Why is it called jungle juice? Did Tarzan discovered it?" I laughed at my corny joke. 

The face of the bartender looked hilarious. I shook my head and drink it straight. The drink created a line on my throat and I can feel the heat inside my stomach. 

"This isn't hard, after all. Give me another one." I sad and bring him back the shot glass.

"Easy there, girl. One drink can make a rough morning." He said and handed me a glass of vodka.

Looking so offended, I scoffed. "Do you think I haven't experience that? I said I want another 

jungle!" My voice became loud because of the upbeat music. 

"Vodka will do, lady. Or a whiskey, just not jungle juice." I shook my head and drink three shots of vodka before walking my way to the wild dance floor.

"Whoo!" I raised my hands and danced with the beat of the music. A man once again started to dance behind me. At first, I enjoyed it and danced with him but when he started to dry hump me, I jerked and glared at him.

I want to have fun tonight but not on top of a bed! 

I marched my way back to the bar and asked the bartender to give me a bottle of Black Label. I continuously drank until I became a bit dizzy. 

"That damn father of mine is a bull," I whispered under my breath and drank another glass. 

"Hey, Miss. When will you stop burning your lungs?" The bartender's voice is a bit blurry. I can't understand what he's saying but I poured myself another glass. When I feel like it isn't enough, I drank straight from the bottle, completely losing my mind. 

"Farrah, let's get you home..." A familiar gentle voice touch my cheeks and pulled the scattered hair away from my face. "Farrah," he whispered.


"Let's go home." His arm snaked on my shoulders and he placed the other one behind my legs. 

"Wait, I'm floating? Who are you? Rapist!" I hysterically screamed and wagged my legs for him to put me down. 

"Don't touch me! Put me down!" I yelled and slapped his chest. 

"Farrah, shh. Don't make a scene. It's me, Uno." 

My eyes traveled to the man's face and my face lit up and I recognized who he is.

"Uno!" I said like a happy kid who saw his favorite toy. I pinched his cheeks and put my hands on his neck for support. 

I closed my eyes and the next thing I saw is an unfamiliar room. The walls are blue and white, and the ceiling has a star designs. My eyes feasted on the flabbergasting view in front of me. 

How lovely, I thought. 

I felt a warm hand touching my foot and it caught my attention. Uno is removing the locks of my heels. 

"Uno, where are we?" I pulled myself up and touched my forehead. 

"Why is it so hot?" I wiped the invisible sweat and fanned myself. I'm not kidding, it's really hot. 

"Can you turn the aircon on? Or I will just remove this..." I said and started to pull my short dress up. 

Uno's eyes widened and hastily walked to reach me and stopped my hands from moving. His face is so near and I can smell his addicting manly sent. 

"Lay down, Farrah. You need to rest." He looked at me behind his thick glasses. His voice is deep but comforting. 

I only stared at him for seconds, not uttering a word.

"Uno, you look handsome without your glasses." I bit my lips and removed the glasses off his eyes. I touched his cheeks with my index finger and stopped on his brows. 

"Thick eyebrows, deep set of eyes..." I traveled my finger to the side of his lips. "And your lips looked soft and thin."

I eyed him with my most seductive look and held his nape.

"Do you want to kiss?" 

His Adam's apple moved up and down, a sign that he swallowed. 

"Farrah, you're drunk. Just sleep," he said and removed my hands on his nape. 

"No, I want to have a taste. Just one, please?" I said and pulled his shoulders closer. 

I crashed my lips to him and kissed him, giving him all the heat that I'm feeling right now.

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if the man is so famous I'm sure the mistress know he has a daughter.

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