From Here To You
From Here To You
Author: Belle Cassy

Prologue: Cassy's Perspective

I was sitting alone in the middle of the night, in a place where no one could see me nor touch me. The place was full of random trees behind me, and down my feet was an escarpment.

"Hmmm! Hmmm! Hmmm! " I was humming my favorite song entitled "I will be here," as I moved my feet, wiggling them back and forth while waiting for him, but I didn't know how much longer I have in this world, it might be too late for him to be in here, and to be honest he might not come. Then reckless tears knocked over out of my gapes. I silently dried my tears, and then a flower caught my eyes, I tried to touch the beautiful rose that was grown on the ground, but I couldn't touch it and I just smiled in agony.

I didn't belong to this world but somehow I was imagining that I am, but that's the greatest improbable thing I could imagine,

"It's very impossible, Cassy, really impossible," I whispered in the air and looked at the sky. I wonder how many miles was away from here to where I belong. Well, I actually didn't know, maybe a million or maybe a billion, who knows, only God knows.

"Cassy?" I heard his voice from my back, I smiled and I turned my head to look at him. He was panting really hard, breathing heavily while he stood up there as he held his knees to rest and to gasped an air. I smiled, I guessed, he runs fast to come over our meeting place which honestly fluttered my heart.

"You're here," I smiled. And he glanced at my eyes immediately and stood up straight, then he gave me a very plain smile which saddened me.

"Why do you have to do that? And how?!" He exclaimed, and I just kept myself in silence as I hunched down my head, trying not to let out tears again, it was embarrassing.

"Cassy! Look at me." He exclaimed again, I stared at him and that time, he was forthwith to walked closer to me.

I wasn't sure if he was mad, but then, that's doesn't really matter, I'd already expected that in advance.

"Cassy, you should have told me, inform me at least, not on the moment like..." He paused when I let out words.

"I'm sorry," I whispered in a very soft voice you could imagine as I hugged him tightly, feeling his body and he was silent for seconds, he was stunned, I know.

"You can touch me? But how?" He implored, and held my shoulders, staring into my eyes seriously.

I removed his hand and held it for the very first time, and I looked at his black eyes.

"I will miss you," those thoughts begged to let out from my lips but then, I couldn't say the words, because no matter how much the words were threatening to come out, there was something that was blocking my lungs.

He sighed, "Cassy," the way he whispered my name melted my heart and at the same time made my heart tightens up. I wanted to stay, but I couldn't.

"Zon, goodbye," I said in a very weak voice, that my voice was even trembling in pain. Then the tears I tried not to let out, bursts out, involuntarily. I guessed, my heart was really in grief.

"Don't cry," he said as he tried to wipe my tears but before his hand landed on my face, I vanished in front of him, and got back to the place where I should be, to the place where I could not see him, to the place that was impossible for me to meet him, to talk to him, and that would be the very last moment and memory I had with him.

I cried out a lot in silence, thumping my chest many times cause I felt like it was going to blew out at any time.

"I'm sorry!" I cried and that was the only words I could say, and I kept crying. And I guessed, there's nothing left for me. My whole world turned upside down and I have no one besides me, except Drake, a best friend of mine. But he wasn't the answer to ease my pain. And I felt sorry because I could not give him back the love he had for me.

Because only one person had my heart, it was Zon, and it will be forever him.

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