Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Zon's Perspective

I was sitting seriously here on my couch, waiting for her to come. But it takes one, two, three, and four hours and she was still not here.

"Are you coming?" I supposed as I gazed at the location where I first saw her. I could feel her presence, I didn't know why, but she was not here. And I felt vulnerable.

Then I felt an abrupt twisting of my heart.

"What could be this feeling right now?" I tried to thought about it but no answer, of course, I absolutely need some stillness, I thought, because I wasn't really resting suitably in darkness, I kept on searching and always forget to sleep.

Well, as the moment enacts by, she didn't appear. It's not like I was actually expecting to met her but it was because, today was the day that I was seeking to meet Ms. Anne Macney, and because she was also into this research, I wanted to bring her with me. So, I was supposed to merely go there tomorrow, probably her soul couldn't wand

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