Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Cassy's Perspective

After a few weeks, I finally moved on about what happened to Drake, he kept sending me messages, telling me that he was okay, that I didn't have to worry and just kept myself busy with my studies. Well, it was popping out inside my head sometimes but I tried to ignore it, just what my Dad said.

And Berna? Of course, she didn't stop teasing me, but I was lucky that she has to prepare herself for the volleyball tournament, that was why my whole schooldays lately was so silent, for the very first time. No one was spilling of waters to me or to my foods, no one was blocking my paths and of course, no one was molesting me.

Berna was the captain of their team, that's why she had to focus on each member more than the others. How I wished they had an unending tournament, but that was only a dream. Once the tournament was done, everything would be back to normal.

After schooldays, I

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