Chapter 73

Chapter 73: Betrayal or Foolishness and Carelessness?

Zon's Perspective

After drinking with Mr. Smith, I didn't know what happened. I woke up and I was in my room. I smiled, "you are really kind, Mr. Smith," I whispered and I saw a lot of missed calls from Cassy yet I didn't even try to call her back.

"I'm sorry, Cassy, it is not the time yet," I said and stood up, fixed my bed, and get a pair of white shirt and black pants. I wanted to check my Cafeteria for I didn't visit my crews for a while. And I wanted to make my mind busy in there.

I went to my bathroom, but when I removed my shirt, I saw no chest of me, even my neck and hands were transparent, I didn't notice it a while ago!

I observed my whole top on the front of my mirror and a mixture of pain and hatred to the world initiated in my mind and heart of mine.

I punched the walls and cried! I felt exhausted, helpless, and hopeless. I just couldn't accept it.

I knelt down to the ground and kept sobbing!

"Why! Why me? Why us?" I cr
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