Chapter 76

Chapter 76: Memories and Goodbyes!

Cassy's Perspective

"I've never heard of them before, they are not really familiar to me, it's so strange!" 

"Really? Well, they are popular, haist! What is this conversation means for? It doesn't matter to me right now, you're trespassing, that what's matters to me!" 

"Well, it was your fault, you make people get curious because of the..."  

I kept hearing my voice and even Zon's voice. The conversations that were combating inside my head were not familiar to me. I never remember talking things, that kept ringing in my ears, with him before.

"I love you!"


"I said, I love you. I know I was crazy but I was more than crazy the moment that I didn't saw you for a long time. I missed you all the time. I waited for you every night here. You were right we can't be could find ways!" 

"Zon, g

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