Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Third Person's Perspective

Cassy hurried inside their house and went frozen in a period of time when she saw her father's head bleeding while picking up the broken pieces of bottles on the floor.

She glanced at her mother who was squatting on the sofa; a sofa that her father picked up at the street, two months ago. Well, her mother was still soaking up some beer, sitting pretty as if nothing happened. Cassy clenched her hands into a fist, but then, she handled her temper and helped her father.

"What just happened, dad?" She asked him, her eyes were filled in anguish.

Her dad smiled at her and told her it was okay, that it was just an accident, but Cassy was sure that her mother threw the bottle at him.


When they finished tidying up the mess, Cassy's father washed his face, however, while she was watching her father, she almost wanted to cry.

"Dad, you always suffer because of Mom, don't you have any plan of leaving her?" She said and her father got shocked that he quickly looked at his daughter.

She was serious, and she meant what she just said to him.

"Cassy, what are you talking about? You shouldn't talk like that, she's your mother. Please! Cassy! Don't tell those words again before your mother could hear you," he beseeched. Tears began to fell down in her eyes, and her voice was trembling as she said the phrase, "Dad, why are you too nice, when all you get in return was pain and suffering?"

Her father dried her hands and face, and strokes Cassy's head, he smiled at her, " Oh my dear Cassy, the world is really tough, but there are more like me in this world, so don't worry about me and your mother, she had depression, we have to show her love, to make things back to normal. Don't forget the past because of this," her dad answered softly.

"But Dad, this is..." she paused. "Cassy, no more buts', you'll understand someday when you found the right person for you," he smiled. "Remember, when you married the person and promised to heaven that you will love her through ups and downs, you should never break that promise. This is only part of some challenges for us, Cassy," he added and smirked.

"But it will never be like you and mom, I swear!" She exclaimed.

Her father sighed, "Cassy, you better prepare yourself for your job later, okay? Everything will gonna be fine, I promise you," he sweetly said and Cassy turned her back at her father.

"Fine, Dad!" She frowned.

Her father just smiled at her daughter as he watches her walked away, stamping her feet so heavy because of anger. Then he called her daughter, "Cassy," he shouted and Cassy faced at him, immediately.

"Just always remember the past, and you'll realize what I've told you," he grinned at her.

She doesn't have any idea what her dad meant and she just decided to keep going.


Cassy went out of their house when she finished her dinner. She was wearing a uniform from the restaurant that she was working for. Well yeah, she's only too young to start working, but it was her decision to helped her family.

Cassy and her father argued about it before, but she was too determined to take his authorization, she always begged him to allow her to work, she even xeroxed numerous pieces of papers with a written note, "LET ME WORK, DAD!" and pasted it around the house, daily, and it was a success, her father got annoyed and let her took the job, but of course, she had to take the 4 hours time job.

It was certainly not what he wanted for her daughter's life, but he further knew that what he can provide to them wasn't enough for a living, he was only working for the government to collect garbages in the cities, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and his income every month was too small, they had to pay monthly for their rent, electric bills, and other stuff.

"Going to work?" Drake said, when he saw her, she got startled and stared at him, but she wasn't in good mood, "well, yeah, where else to go with this uniform?" She exclaimed as she bent her brows.

"Okay, relax, Cassy. I'm just asking you," he mumbled.

She glared at him, "Whatever, Drake!" She said and left him, but Drake was too naughty and followed after her.

She got irritated and stopped walking, "why are you following me?" She yelled. "Just wanna make sure you get there safely," he explained. She rolled her eyes at him, and Drake knew that she was just not in a good mood.

"You have a problem, isn't it?" He worriedly asked. "Come on, Drake, I have to go to my work on time, you're bothering me," she weakly told him.

Drake apologized to her and told her that he will not say or asked her anything, anymore, but, on one condition! She must let him walked her to her workplace. She wanted to refuse to take the condition, but she had no choice because she must be at her work, on time.

An hour later, Drake was secretly watching Cassy outside the restaurant, well, half of the restaurant was assembled in glasses, that was why he can watch her from the outside.

Drake was smiling as he leaned his back on the wall near beside the restaurant. His heart fluttered as he watches her. Cassy was really a hardworking individual, that's why he loves her.

He stood outside the restaurant for two hours, he often does that, but Cassy never knew about it.


After Cassy's work, she went home immediately, the door was locked, so she had to open it with her duplicate key. She entered slowly and noticed her father sleeping on the sofa. She sighed and put a blanket on him.

She glanced at her father for a while and felt emotional. Then she remembered her mom, she went to her parents' room and saw her mother, sleeping peacefully on the bed. Her anger began to heat up her whole body, so she just left her and quietly went straight to her own room.

While Cassy was resting on her bed, trying to sleep, her father's words popped inside her brain.

She was too curious about what her dad told her.

"Remember the past?" She whispered and kept thinking about what were those words means.

She was almost gone insane that she couldn't sleep, she tried hard to find an answer, but nothing was running inside her brain.

" Waaaah! What did he mean?" Her brain screamed as she thumps her feet and hands on her bed and after a while, she rolled her body and laid her face on the pillow, she felt that her brain was in pain, thinking the same thoughts the whole night.

"Cassy, just rest," she heard her own voice and closed her eyes, "yeah, that's a great idea, I guess," she whispered.

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