Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Cassy's Perspective

I woke up and got frozen as I noticed that I was not at my house, I was inside an unfamiliar place to me, a library. I was in the middle of the place that I could see the whole room, it was a huge library and it was really stunning. In my entire life, I've never seen this huge before- it was big as a palace, and what amazed me, even more, was that it has unexpected leeways for people and the fact that it towering 4 storey.

"Wow, just wow," my own creation was stuck in this place that I couldn't even step my feet, I just continued to scan the whole place using my eyes. The books are really amazing, the whole place was neat and clean. But I was too curious why there's nobody in here? not even a single person, but the real question was, how did I get in here? I couldn't recall any memories of the place and where it was located.

As I wandered around the place, I found a window, near one of the shelves, I hurried to take a look outside, and it was all dark, I couldn't see anything but black, "so it was night?" I thought, and then I noticed some shadows of some trees and buildings outside, I narrowed my eyes but it was really dark, then, later on, I realized that it was actually a school building when I glimpsed at it once more. But it wasn't the school where I'm studying.

I was curious about what was happening, at the same time, I'm afraid, of course. I have no idea how I went here! It made me quiver! Grrrr!

"Where am I?" I kept thinking and tried to remember but I clearly knew that I never really went hear.

Since it was already night, I was too worried about my father, he might go outside and search for me.

"I have to go home," I whispered. And roamed my eyes to find the exit, and thanks goodness, the door was also huge that I saw it immediately.

I walked away and went straight to the exit, but then my whole body trembled in fear, the moment that I tried to open the door.

Shhhh! The sound of the wind whispered inside my ears in a creepy way. I tried to open the door again, but that time, my flesh was screaming inside of me.

I can't hold the doorknob, my hands penetrated through the door.

"W-what j-just ha-happened?" My voice was stuck inside my lungs.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, it might be my imagination, I thought.

"Relax Cassy, relax!" I thought and I slowly opened my eyes as I also slowly lifted my right hand and tried to hold the door. But it was still the same.

I was stunned in a few minutes, staring at my hands, then random thoughts started to came inside my brain.

Am I a ghost?  Am I dead? But how? And when?

I've tried to recall everything I did, every place I went, but nothing reminds me that I went to an accident.

"What am I?" I kept speculating things, but when my brain went empty, I cried out loud.

It was frustrating to think about what was going on with me. Huhu, the fact that I had no clue or any idea what's happening around, or what am I.


I didn't know how many hours had passed away, but all I kept thinking was what am I?

But I am most worried about my parents, if I'm really dead, my father might be in pain and crying out loud, thinking about their situation hurts me, I burst out tears and my chest tightened, visualizing those thoughts made me weak. And my mother? I didn't really know, maybe she doesn't care, she was a stonehearted mother who never talked with her daughter, and always hurts my father, what emotion should I expected her to feel about me? But all that matters this time, was me, what happened and what should I do?

Since I can penetrate the wall, I went outside and planned to go home, but I really didn't know the place. I didn't know where should I depart first to reach home. That's why I came back inside the library, and all I did was to cry out loud, my tears seemed to have no end. I'm so depressed, knowing nothing about what's happened and if I am still alive or not, wasn't easy for me, my head was in great pain, and I can't breathe easily.

"Dad, what should I do now? I'm afraid, I need you, huhu," I cried out.

The world seems too harsh to me, being bullied by my classmates, and having a mother who doesn't have any care towards my father, and in addition, this situation I had was the worst fads ever.

"I guess, I really deserve to die," I let out laughter but it was followed by tears after.

"Cassy! Cassy! Cassy! What a poor girl you are," I whispered in the air, as I slowly accepting what I brought into the world.

If I am really dead, all I wished for this time,   was my father's safety.

"I'm very sorry dad if I can not help you anymore, I'm sorry! I'm really sorry," I thought and closed my eyes, tearing yet striving not to think my situation, trying to calm my own self and just waiting for the light to fetch me, well, that's all I thought, that if you were dead, a light will come out for you, and you may rest in peace.

"I love you, dad!" That was only the last words I said and I quietly waited. 

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