Chapter 5


I guess it was a hapless day! I was fixing the books, organizing them one by one to where it belongs. When I heard Angela's voice, my Ex-girlfriend. My heart was racing too fast, and it was competing with my mind. Honestly, I felt uncomfortable and nervous!

"Haiist, not again!" I murmured.

I sighed and calmed down, I went down at the ladder and tried to avoid meeting them, but I was too late, yeah, I was too late because, the moment that my feet touched the floor, they were right in front of me, literally. And it was the vastly horrible day ever.

I was speechless when I saw her, I didn't know how will I supposed to approach her, and of course, also her new boyfriend.

Well, it was absolutely embarrassing, because while I was feeling worried about how will I approach them, they just walked pass by me, as if they have never seen me. It was actually okay, it was a relief because it will be more awkward for me if they tried to talk to me, but somehow, I felt unhappy, I miss talking with her, and it breaks my heart into pieces.

I looked behind me and I saw them holding hands.

"Wow, what a pain!" My heart whispered!

I tried to just ignore them, but I couldn't, instead, my eyes followed them until they were no longer at my sight. It was really heartbreaking.

"That's okay, Zon!" I sighed and smiled to continue the work I left.

Well, Angela and I knew each other since 2nd grade, she was my classmate.

She was just a sheepish young girl at that time. At the school, we were not actually talking to each other, even if we are in the same room.

But then I was not expecting that my father was his father's boss, her father became our new driver, and that was the reason why Angela and I became close to each other.

His father was going often at our house before, to picked me up and drove me to my school. He always brought Angela with him since we studied in the same place, my father was the one who pays for her studies. Since that, we always went to school together.

But it was kinda hard to talk to her before, I was always the one who was starting a conversation, but the more we talk, the more she became verbal.

The sheepish young girl I met, became different. She always talks a lot, as if she's not getting tired of telling me what happened to her, and what movies did she watch. And it was annoying, yes! Because she almost telling me the whole story, she's telling me the complete scenes about what happened in the movies.

Haiist, I remember how her face looks like when she tells a story, it's funny because she acts the scenes sometimes, the way how she narrated it was very cute, her eyes widen sometimes, and her hands' gesture is the best of all, it was moving from here to there while speaking. Haha, how cute!

"Haisst, Zon, what a lot of recollections to remember," I blushed while smiling, but then I frowned after. If we never broke up, I was wondering what more could we share together.

I never thought that we will end up our relationship just like that, I understand her, but I honestly, never seen it coming. Because we almost spent our lives together, and we had a great time, a lot.

Well, maybe, that was really what my fate is. If she was the one for me, then I'm sure that in the future she will come back. Well, I didn't want to assume so I just finished fixing the books as long as possible to forget her.


I walked straight to my locker when the class was over and went to the library, where my comfort zone was.

I sat immediately on the couch and read some books. Well, it was peaceful, and comfortable, since no one was allowed to enter this room, I owned the key and the place.

While reading, I remembered Angela, and my heart twisted again as the scenario a while ago was flashing inside my memories. I breathed heavily and spread my whole body on the couch as I made an X in my feet. I put my book on my face and slowly closed my eyes. I wanted to rest and let my bitterness washed away, I wanted to forget them for a moment, so I went to sleep.


I was in the middle of dreaming someone when I heard something moving at the room which woke me up. "Who's in there?" I yawned. And the moment that I removed my book at my face and glanced around the place, I saw a girl, and I sat down quickly in shock. I wonder how she entered here, I was sure that I locked the door awhile ago.

"Hey, what are you doing here? How did you get in?" I asked her, but she didn't answer back and continued inspecting my shelves which made me bent my brows.

"Seriously?" She pretends not to hear me?" I was surprised, wow! Grrr!

Since this wasn't a place for her, I stood up and inspected her while walking slowly towards her, and I could hear her murmurs about the author, wondering if they are not popular, and then, my eyes widen on how she thought about them, really?

"Who are not popular authors?" I coldly said in a mean way, and she immediately pointed out the books and told me that she was talking about them.

Surprisingly, that was the very first time that I met a person who didn't know that they were famous authors.

She was mute as she faced me, well, her eyes were color blue which attracts me. And I was silent in just a few seconds when I notice the color of her eyes. But I was annoyed when she only stared at me.

"What?" I said.

"You can see me?" She confusedly said

But it wasn't the case, it won't be comfortable for me if she can enter this place. So, I decided to hold her shoulders and guide her through the door but then, I was in great shock to found out that I couldn't touch her. Then I remembered a story about things like this.

"It's impossible!" I whispered. Then to make sure, that my hypothesis was right, I looked behind her, and I was right, I couldn't believe it!

I glanced at her eyes again, I was still in shock, stunned and not saying any words, then her eyes caught my attention, it was blue, and they were twinkling like the stars.

"They're beautiful," my heart whispered. But I must not focused on her eyes.

"So, am I a ghost?" I heard her asked.

"Ghost? There is no such word like that here," I said.

"So, am I not dead?" She hurriedly asked me. I bent my brows when I felt something strange in her interrogation. She looked happy to ask about it.

"Dead?" I narrowed my eyes one her, " I believe your not," I added.

"But it's true your the only one who can see me and hear me which only proved that I'm a ghost," she whimpered. Well, if only she knows...!

"Well, it was because you don't belong here," I said.

"I don't belong here?" She whispered to herself, tssk, don't whisper if I can still hear you, I thought.

"What do you mean?" The girl asked and when I'm about to speak a word, she suddenly vanished like bubbles.

I couldn't believe my eyes, I couldn't get over what just happened, that I was glued to the spot where I was before.

"So, it's true? I whispered.

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