Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Cassy's Perspective

"You do remember it now?" Bernadette chuckled.

"Please, Berna, leave me alone," I said bravely, and then she steps closer to me that I started to clench my pillow tightly, I was honestly breathing afraid of what will she do next.

Then I was about to stand up when I heard my father's voice.

"Cassy, what happened to you?" My father said as he runs towards me.

"Dad? What are you doing here?" I surprisingly asked and I looked at Bernadette, who was standing at the back of my father, smirking, what an evil! What does she want?

I just didn't pay attention to her and her group, because  I was worried about my father.

"Oh my dear, Cassy, huhu," my father cried it was so painful that I felt water creeps from my eyes, yet I wiped my tears.

"Dad, you shouldn't have to show up here," I sadly said a

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