Staring out at the living room floor, Blue saw a sight she never thought she would live to see: Marian playing with her grandson on the floor.

It was unsettling, in an uncanny-valley way. Something so close to resembling human but just short of enough. She spun her engagement ring back and forth on her finger. He slid his arm around her waist. “’You okay?” She glanced up to the man stood at her side. His dark hair gathered into a short, thick ponytail. Eyes as bright as ever. Smile as devilish. Would it be so wrong to fuck like animals with her mother in the room next to them? After all, to a married couple, sex was the most natural thing. Or so she'd heard. 

“Yeah,” Blue sighed. Hugged her arms around herself. “I think so,”

“How long is she staying?”

“Until she can get the settlement money from Bradley,”

“I didn’t think he had any left,”

“It’s all


Hey there! This is arguably, of all I've written, my absolute favourite novel. I never even thought it a possibility when I started writing the first draft (what was meant to be a one-shot standalone erotic piece) that it would heal me from the breakdown of my relationship with my own father and how this reflected on my relationship with my mother. While this is the last thing I would ever want my own mum reading (shocking, I know) I wish she could see the bits of this I've hidden my apology in. Mum, I love you. My dear readers, I love you. No matter how horrible things may seem, you'll be happy one day. Thank you for giving me the chance to tell my own story. And here's to hoping we hear more from Blue and Vincent!

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