Queen Of Ace
Queen Of Ace
Author: Armeia Aguilar

Author's Note

I'm starting a new novel! I'm so excited to share with you guys the other novel I've been plotting lately.

Queen Of Ace

What is this novel all about?

=If you haven't read my first novel, His Fragile Flame, I uploaded in this app, this is only "a part" of it but can be read as "stand-alone". This story was written in different character's perspective and her back story before His Fragile Flame. You don't have to read the first book to understand this novel, and I think it's better if you read this before that because HFF has spoilers.

Warning: This book will contain the following




•Sexual content

•Triggering issues



The story about Kourtney Devaraux, the what-so-called Queen B who is misunderstood by a lot of people. She's overlooked as someone who will come for those who threaten her. But it's the other way around.

When unfortunate circumstance brings a blessing in Kourtney's life that she has to hide from her parents, she's forced to keep it a secret. Not until Lindsey, her younger sister, betrays her which leads in letting go what Kourtney's afraid to lose. Filled with fury, her vengeful desire to get back at her sister causes a colossal damage in her life that she doesn't anticipate. Kingsley High is the only place Kourtney finds people's approval. She takes it as her advantage to build a group of students who will stand by her side against her sister. Now that she causes drama after drama, how can she survive all the judgment people cast against her?


Again, this novel could be read as "stand-alone" and you don't have to read His Fragile Flame to understand the whole story because this has different premise and plotline.

I hope you'll like it and enjoy reading. Love lots♡

Reminder: This book might contain possible errors and inconsistencies. It will be edited soon once I've finished the whole book.

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