Chapter 121: You Made It

We all headed in our lockers to shower and change our own clothes to wash off the sweats in our body. As we left the field, almost everyone greeted me congratulations and I felt overwhelmed by the attention that I was getting. Right after Mason asked me to be his girlfriend, I didn’t feel like hesitating, not because of the pressure the attention I was getting dawned on me, but the fact that I wanted Mason to be mine. I took back what I said before that I wouldn’t look at him the same way as I looked at Liam. I took back what I said that we would just remain friends. I took back what I said at the moment when I was still in a relationship with someone else. I took back everything and it was relieving. I got to express my feeling and I didn’t hold back with having the new beginning that I had been longing. I knew Mason was the one for

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