Chapter 1: The Consequence

The clinking of utensils against the glass plate was the only audible thing resounding the dining room. I was casually glancing at everyone through my lashes while twirling the fork on the pasta.

My head was starting to weigh a hundred times heavier, and there was something in my stomach that made me want to vomit. I couldn't eat. I felt nauseous.

I watched as Dad reached for the napkin, wiping off the excess grease around his lips. His gaze was fixed at me, his eyes were filled with disapproval before putting his elbow on the table.

"Kourtney," he called, making me sit upright and draw my attention to him. "Your food."

I flitted my eyes back at the pasta laying in front of me, uneaten. I let go of the fork and cleared my throat.

"I can't eat," I admitted, as I clasped both of my hands below the table.

My knee was bouncing uncontrollably, and the more I stared at Dad, the more he was trying to analyze my situation. He didn't look pleased; he was seemingly mad.

Lindsey— who was sat beside me— reached for my hand below the table, squeezing it as if to comfort me. I looked away from Dad and averted my gaze to Lindsey. Her eyes were glistening as if tears were starting to well in them. That worried face had sent a shiver down my spine, and that had been the expression she plastered I was too afraid to look at. What had she done this time? I told myself.

"I had been asking you to go to the doctor for a check-up," my dad started, as my heart began to skip a beat. Gulping, I forced myself to look straight at his face, so he wouldn't scowl at me and call me disrespectful. He flicked his eyes at my mom— who was trying to avoid his gaze— then back at me. "What's wrong, Kourtney?"

"Nothing," I stammered, as the word barely escaped my mouth. His eyebrows raised, and I noticed him scoffed under his breath. "I'm fine. I guess I'm just—"

When I was about to utter my excuse, I felt my stomach churn as if I'd eaten something to make it upset. The bolus seemed to get back up to my throat, making me almost gag in front of the dining table. Covering my mouth, I abruptly stood up, and hurriedly went to the bathroom.

I knelt in front of the bowl, opening the lid and vomited continuously. The retching echoed in the bathroom, as I gripped the cold surface of the bowl. My throat felt swollen, my head was throbbing, and I felt twinges in my stomach as if it was being pinched and pulled. Tears rolled down my eyes, as I continued gagging on the bowl.

With the bathroom door creaking open, I flicked my eyes to the side and spotted Lindsey. Her eyes were wide and glistening, as she went beside me and rubbed my back for comfort. Shutting my eyes closed, I felt her rummaged in the vanity drawer and opened the faucet. When I heard the water stopped running, I returned my gaze at her as she handed me a painkiller and a glass of water.

"Thank you," I managed to utter, taking the medicine down my throat.

I tried to ease my unstable breathing, scooting on my seat so my back laid against the surface of the bowl. Bringing my knees closer to my chest, I shut my eyes closed and tried to recall what had happened at the dining table.

I had been so anxious about Mom and Dad lately. They were constantly asking nosy questions as if to pry on my personal life, which I would resent and kept my mouth shut. I wasn't communicating enough with my parents and I didn't feel the need to. That was the main reason why they had been dying to know what was going on. Dad was the first one to budge, and I didn't know what would follow.

"You've been hiding that you're pregnant all along." Dad's infuriated voice shook me out of my thought.

Fluttering my eyes open, I shifted from the floor and flicked my eyes to Dad.

He gave me a cold gaze, and his jaw was clenching from rage. The scowl that was plastered on his face made my heart raced at a tremendous speed. My eyes widened at the sight of him, as I glanced at Lindsey who was looking down at the floor.

What had she done?

"Dad," I fumbled over my words, unsure of what to respond.

He was leaning on the doorframe of the bathroom, shaking his head in resentment. Wrinkles formed on his forehead, as his glare pierced through me.

"What did I tell you?" he asked, his eyes blazing in fury.

I was trembling, tears were starting to well in my eyes, and my heart could almost fall out of my chest.

"Dad, I'm sorry." Tears streamed down my eyes, as thoughts of Dad's fury made the hair at the nape of my neck bristled.

"I warned you, Kourtney." He slammed the bathroom door, as Lindsey and I both jerked from the loud thud that echoed inside.

I disappointed him. I ruined his trust and now I didn't know how my life was going to turn out after this. He and Mom weren't supposed to know until I bore the child. This was the frightening situation I had been anticipating to happen, and I thought I was prepared for what they were about to cast on me.

"I'm so sorry," was all I could utter, though I was certain he wouldn't accept it.

"We're going to get rid of that," he muttered through gritted teeth, causing a lump to form in my throat.

"What do you mean?"

"You're going to abort that child and you will leave that Mayhem boy."

My heart shattered into pieces, and my sobs became unbearable. With my mouth gaped, I ran a hand to cover it in awe as the sentence he said plunged a dagger straight in my heart. My already painful stomach tied a knot, as I started to feel frantic.

He couldn't do this to me. He was being unfair. I did all that he wanted me to become, even though I knew I would be risking my happiness.

Standing up abruptly from the tiled-flooring, I approached Dad in the doorframe and knelt before him. I clasped my hands together, ignoring the agonizing pain in my stomach. I shut my eyes closed and trembled in front of him.

"Dad, please," I pleaded. "Don't make me murder my child." Strain laced my tone, as a whimper tore out of my throat.

I reached for his legs, but he quickly pulled away. When I opened my eyes, Dad crouched in front of me, a distasteful look plastered on his face.

"You should've thought of that before doing something you'll regret later on," he mumbled to me, looking straight in my eyes. Standing back up again, he tugged his black vest to smooth the edges before looking down at me. "You'll have no choice, now bear with it."

As soon as he said that, the darkness clouded my vision, and nauseousness engulfed me.

And the last thing I remembered was, I stumbled on the tile with Lindsey muttering, "I'm so sorry."

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