Chapter 4: Girl Talk

A few of the clinic's nurses went by in front of us, as I waited in the lobby with Emma beside me. Her hand held mine, as my knee bounced uncontrollably.

I had no other people that would accompany me today but her. Mom and Dad were busy in their own agendas, while I detested being around Lindsey. I didn't even want to be close to her; it was making me sick. Emma was the best option at this moment.

The nurses kept on throwing us strange glances. Their faces were plastered with plastic smiles, and their eyes trailed to us in judgment. Surely, teenagers being in an abortion center was such a strange thing to do. Even I found it peculiar, and I had no choice but to deal with it. And me being part of the Devaraux clan didn't only make them skeptical, but it made them scrutinize me even more that I wanted to gouge their eyeballs out. I just hoped nobody would recognize me.

"Are you sure you're really gonna do this?" Emma turned

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