Save Me
Save Me
Author: Aspiring Raven

1. Gabrielle Simons

As a person watch the person he/she loves fighting for his/her life different types of emotions are awaken. Everything would be in a spiral non-stop flow of emotions. It can be fear, uncertainty, regret, hate, sadness, love, loneliness and even happiness. But not for her felt absolutely nothing. She looked at the man that raised her, grasping for air, reaching out for her help. She knew then that it was over. She walked away and never looked back. She can now start a new life, a life she had dreamed for and start a family that she can really say her own. But then again everyone is meant to wake up from a dream.

"Ma'am, excuse me. We have already landed." The flight attendant said politely waking her up from her dream.

"Thank you." She smiled sweetly.

It was her first time in New York, a new place and a new beginning. Two weeks, later she was able to adjust and started working as a bartender at various bars. She just doesn't trust anyone and so she doesn't have any friends. But then she met Cassie and since then she became best friends. She was her only family.

They have been through a lot of difficulties together. She made sure that everything turns out well for her best friend. She tried to understand her despite of her wrong decisions like trusting Jonathan, her stupid boyfriend. Gabby believes that nothing last forever that love is only for the weak that are scared to be alone and independent. But of course she would never tell her best friend that she just let her be and live her life the way she was supposed to.

It's been a year since they have met and been living together when they met him, Jason Luke Anderson. He is one of the owners of JNC bar and he was a player. He sleeps with everyone woman that catches his attention. And Gabrielle Simons did more than caught his attention.

She knows better than to goof around with someone like him. It was not the fact that he was a player or that he was rich that made her move away from him but the fact that he was a soldier and was also running one of the most sophisticated security agency in the US did. She can handle players and rich people. She can sleep around and not develop any attachment or emotions towards others. The only person she learned to care for and trust is Cassie.

"Best, I'm telling you if you don't get that stupid Jonathan out of your system I would, I would fucking kill that man."

"Best, he said he was sorry that it was that his bitch secretary that kissed him and he fired her. I mean he being is sincere and sweet." Cassie stated.

"No. You are just plain stupid. I mean seriously. You believe that good for nothing scumbag cares for you. He doesn't. I care for you."

"Excuse me." Cassie glared at her. "I love him. You wouldn't understand because you don't have a boyfriend."

"I know. I don't have a boyfriend because it is useless and to have one would be a waste of time." Gabby yelled at her.

"But I love him." Cassie said crying. "I know I'm being stupid but I can't help it. I love Jonathan"

"Okay. I'm sorry." She embraced her tightly. "But this is the last chance the next time he makes you cry I would kill that fucking scumbag."

"No you won't." Cassie smiled at her. "And can I invite him up. He is downstairs with Cole."

"Best, I swear you are one crazy bitch. When would you stop acting like a desperate chick? I'm leaving. Make sure that you show up at the bar on time and please no make-up sex yet. Make the man work for it." Gabby said seriously.

"Best, I love you." Cassie replied smiling like an idiot.

She got out of their apartment and saw Cole waving at her.

"Hey." Gabby smiled at her. "Your step brother is one son of a bitch."

"That he is. But your best friend is a moron. I can't believe he forgave him again." Cole stated seriously. 

"Well, she gave me the whole love speech that gives me the creeps so I had to leave." Gabby replied.

"When would she grow a back bone? She's so naive. One of these days she would have her heart all shattered and she might just not survive it."

"She is going to be fine. She's too young and too innocent for this crazy world that we live in." Gabby stated as she sat on the hood of Cole car.

"Come on, you're also young. She's twenty and you're twenty three. You sound like an old lady"

"You're twenty eight. So you're older. But you have no idea what kind of shit I had been through." Gabby stated seriously.

"Hey, Mr. Richie rich. How much did the bitch ask for?" A group four asshole yelled at Cole and Gabby.

"If I were you I wouldn't give her a single penny. I wouldn't fuck that bitch for free." Another man yelled.

"That cunt has been sleeping with the entire neighborhood."

"What I can't hear you?" Gabby yelled back. "You have to speak a little louder. I can't understand you." 

"Bitch. You should stay away from this neighborhood you're a pest to this society." Another man shouted at her.

"Sorry, I can't understand you. I don't talk to men with small dick that hides inside their mothers' skirt." Gabby was having a great time yelling back at them.

"You fucking bitch."

"Fuck you." The four guys yelled back.

"I doubt it. I wouldn't even give you a chance. You're too small. I might not even feel you inside me." Gabby retorted.

"Stop it." Cole grabbed Gabby on the wrist when she started to walk towards the guys. "You boys better leave her alone before I decide to call the police."

"We're not scared with some fucking police, Richie rich."

"Let me go and I'll show these fucking morons what they are looking for." Gabby stated and glared at Cole.

"Gabby, come on. You are being irrational. If you just ignored them then there won't be any problems." Cole stated calmly.

"Oh please let the whore go and let her give us a blow job." The punks said laughing.

"I will watch my language if I were you." Jake yelled as he came out of the bar. "What the fuck is going on here?" He glared at Gabby and Cole.

"I was just trying to get rid of those jerks." Cole stated.

"Well you weren't doing a very good job obviously because they are still here and I believe the entire neighborhood already have an entire month worth of gossips to live by." Jake stated annoyingly.

"What the hell, people would always have something to say about me. Everyone always have a bad thing to say. It’s their bloody opinion. Who cares?" Gabby stated and walks into the bar.

"You guys better leave or I would tear you limbs into pieces." Jake stated seriously.

"I'll be inside call me if you need me." Cole stated following Gabby.

Cole is already used to Jake's attitude he is rude and arrogant but he knows when to butt in a situation. Those punks had it coming. Jake hates it when someone talks trash about someone. He also has some anger issues. If things don't go his way he always settles things with a fight. He hates losing and he never loses a fight. He is an expert with man to man combat, gun and air strike. He was part of the air force for about 4 years. He was a great soldier. But more importantly he is a great friend. He never let his friends down.

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