"You want me to believe what you've been saying don't you?"

    He was seating before the Governor and had been trying to talk him into see what he was seeing but the man wouldn't know but only what he knew. 

   He was kinda fed up of trying to make the governor understand but he couldn't possibly tell him to go to hell. He would possibly never live to see the next day. Plus a man of such pedigree should be treated with apt respect of course. 

    He picked up the cup of cappuccino before him and had a swig. He was more than thirsty and wanted to finish up everything at a time, but that would seem as though he had never eaten ever in his life. He wouldn't fiddle with that. 

     The secretary had been excused. He was hoping that sooner or later that he would have his way with her. He had been longing for her. He didn't know why. He knew

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