"Be careful with them all. Remember that they all have right and if you think you can mess with them, go ahead. Probably you would be turned into a cage for the parrot."

     The leader of the cops said as he stepped off the SUV. He was wearied but would never give it up like to his fellow. He didn't seem them as his subjects. He considered them as his co-workers. He believed that if they were not there, he wouldn't be able to do quite the numbers of things that would give him a reason to be that great or renowned. If that was what was said about the only cop who had won the international trust in ghost detective and attributive occurrences. 

    It had been in the plan with the correspondent that they would be reporting to the agency immediately they were done with he shitty work. If after that, they were unable to apprehend the six couples, the case would had been called off. 

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