"Hey Dar, Over here"

    He wasn't sure if that was genuine, but keeping her isolated was the last thing on his mind. She joined them over the boxes of pizza. Their friend's birthday, Sea, was peeping from the rear of time as well as their last day in the high school.

    Confetti of pride contracted into her acumen as she emerged from the restroom adjacent to the large tree in the heart of Lillyville High School along the suburbs of Michigan, Detroit. The serious look melted into a thin smile fleshened by the goggle of her from-day-one-crush feasting on her professed covetures.


      She felt very happy wielding the sassy smile. She watched him waved her to the seat close to his that he'd spared for her, but she took the one opposite, sustaining the disappointment with the don't-be-in-a-haste-to-have-me kinda smile.

      His phizog broke into punctured gores dug by the squashing smirk. The other two at either side of the table peered blind eyes at the lovers. They couldn't be sure what to say. After the cinema was done, Dar cleared the phlegm assembled in her throat for panting syllables to be puked;


     "Dreg and Paul, what would you guys say about the impending ? Just four days of our over days on the campus. Sea's birthday is a thing! It's often being said that ladies first, but here we are, guys first!"

      This relationship is what you call, balanced one. Two boys, suit girls. Sea had had a crush on Dreg since the 8th grade, but had vowed not to have anything to do with any guy until her 18th birthday. She would then have a boyfriend.

       'Twas a shocker to realize that Dreg was also on, in the hunt of Sea. Two divided by two is equal to one. Losing her physics notebook to the bully who professed to love her brought Dreg closer to her. He walked into the issue and decked the face of the lord-of-the-rings with pulpy punches. The emotive yearning couldn't have kept them apart. Till the present moment.

       Varying was the case between Dar and Paul. They were just friends, as Paul would spat at Dreg's face whenever he intended to talk him into taking Dar on a journey of emotive affairs. Sea wished greatly that it would be even between the forlorn peer, but that was better off a wish. Because a bid of tagging them on the last Val day almost ruined the relationship of the four. And ruining that would cripple Dreg's hunt.


       Dreg started, knowing fully well that Paul would spare no syllables. Sea's earlier action lit it up.

      "Sea's birthday party should be done in her place. That would be a better take. Only if that is cool with her father."

       "Of course!"

       Sea popped in, avoiding Paul's ogle.

       "No celebrations, until the birthday."

      Dar spilled, grinning gauntly before the realization of its consequence.


        Paul snapped. Sea had told him earlier that week that herself and Dar were going on girls' tours the next day, but Dar had intentionally pegged that.

        Sea realising that, looked away as Paul made perkiness of the moment to level up the gore the disappointment had dug.


       She eww-eed

       'Will this guy make a good boyfriend ? '

       She scoffed. 

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