Max let the silence fall between them as he let the question hang in the air. He didn’t even understand it himself. He was so driven before that he didn’t understand the growing need he had to see her more. She was a former student and now someone he had chosen to be his assistant. He couldn’t help but be drawn to her like he was four years prior except this time he wouldn’t have that conflict because of everything was different now. She was older. Deanna really looked confused about the conversation.

“Come, princess, I think we have a few things to talk about.” Max said as he picked up the receipt for the meal. He stood up and then went over to Deanna and helped her out of her chair. A hand at her back as they walked out to see the sunset playout in the sky. He looked down at the tiny woman by his side. As he saw people looking at the two of them and smiled at the pair he thought that it was that she was so far out if his league they thought it was funny.

“Max what are you talking about?” Deanna asked as she looked up to him. He led her to his car and repeated the process of getting her in it. “Where are we going?”

“To the park by the river.” He stated, “It will give us some privacy and won’t interfere with the conversation.”

“What do we have to talk about?” She asked again as he dodged the question again by trying to keep his attention on the road while driving. As soon as he got to the parking lot however that attention was completely on her.

“Come.” He said as he got out of the car and waited for her to get out as well. He didn’t want to be to close to her right then. He could barely think when she was by his side. He led the two to a small bench on the bank of the river. It was a picturqese place and with the sunset painting the sky with tones of red and purple with a dash of orange it was reflecting on the water. “I think we need to talk about the job and the rules we should establish for ourselves.”

“Rules for the job?” Deanna was now thoroughly confused. She had been when Max had kissed her. She had been throughout dinner as he avoided the conversation. Now she was completely lost. Why would they have to have rules because of their job. She was there to grade papers and get her credit.

“Certain ones at least.” Max said and his voice lowered slightly. He was looking at the river and not at her. “I shouldn’t have kissed you but I won’t apologize for it.”

“I didn’t expect you too.” She said as she was somewhat hurt that he said that. It was one thing to have the crush on your teacher when you are in the class. Having that teacher kiss you years later in a nice moment was something she could have lived on for years. It was almost a slap in the face to have him say he shouldn’t have done it in the first place.

“I don’t think you understand, Deanna.” He said as he paused, “Now that I have done that I want to more.”

“What?” she asked as her head snapped back to look at him.

“I shouldn’t have kissed you because I want to more. There is nothing in my brain telling me to hold back.” Max said as he took her reaction in. She had been surprised when he said the truth. The simple truth that he wanted to kiss her again was a shock to her. That about broke him. he reacted with action instead of words. He kissed her again. His hands went to her lower back and the crept around her tiny body to the opposite side and pulled her closer to him.

All the demons he had snapped from their leashes when she touched his face softly and then ran her fingers through his hair.

He groaned but continued to put the pressure on her mouth. He could barely register where they were anymore. He moved her even closer and her mouth opened slightly. He found himself delving deeper and deeper into her. He pulled back slowly and then he looked down at her. “God, Deanna.”

“Max.” she said softly as she reached up and pulled him back.

“Not here.” He said softly. “Come back to my house.”

“What?” she asked.

“Come back to my house.” He pleaded with her. He felt he was on fire. Desire was leaching into his blood. “Not to have sex. But to take this a little bit further. Something we can’t do here.”

“Are you sure?” Deanna asked as she looked into his eyes. They were burning in a way she had never seen before.

“Yes.” He said as he stood and then he tried to move quickly. “Deanna we do need to talk but I can’t think here.” Max said. He smiled at her as she placed her hand in his. He wanted to throw her over his shoulder and run back to his house and throw her in his bed. He knew he had to take a step back and give her time. This was not like him. He needed an ice bath. There was something about her that made his blood boil.

The car ride to his house was short. It was only a few streets over. As soon as the garage door shut he was out of the car and around the car to help her out of the seat. When he opened the door he took her hand and brought her into his house. He led her through the house to the couch in the back and looked at her as she was looking around with a soft smile on her face.

He watched her as she took in the bare walls and the empty spaces around the place. When her sky colored eyes turned to him he wanted nothing more than to take her right there in the middle of the room.

“Max?” Deanna asked as she took a step closer. “Why am I really here?”

“We need to talk.” He said softly. “I don’t know if you can be my assistant. I find myself in a weird position that I don’t know how to navigate.”

“And that is?” Deanna asked as she took one more step closer to him. She found herself looking at him and getting lost in those amber eyes that were still burning as they looked at her.

“I want you.” He said as he tried to control himself. He knew he had to let her make the decisions. Max was trying to stand still. “I wanted you for the moment I saw you in the doorway to my office.”

“Wait. You want me so you don’t know if I can work for you?” Deanna asked as she tilted her head, “Are you pranking me or something. That has to be a joke right?”

“No joke. No prank.”

He said softly, “I want you in every possible way, sweetheart. I want you in a way I haven’t wanted anyone else. It hurts.”

“Are you serious?” Deanna asked.

“Very.” He said as he lowered his mouth to hers now that she was right in front of her.

“You said you didn’t want to have sex.” Deanna said as he pulled up slightly.

“I don’t. Not tonight at least. Deanna I want to take you out on dates, plural, before that happens. I don’t know if I can work with you as well.” Max said and she smiled at him. It was a the most beautiful smile he had ever seen.

“You can.” She laughed, “I think I would like that Max.”

“You would?” he asked, “You do realize that it won’t be easy being around me. That I won’t treat you any differently while we are there at the building.”

“I don’t care about that.” Deanna said as she looked at him, “I thought working with you would be hard enough.”

“You did why?” he asked as he moved his hands to her sides.

“Because Max you remember the time I tried to talk to you. I felt totally like a reject after that. I admired your work and I couldn’t even speak to you.” Deanna replied remembering that horrible day. It was one of those defining moments for her. It was when she stopped trying to talk to men. She still did talk to them but not in the way that could be taken as she liked them. She hadn’t found another person she had felt good enough to try to talk to that way.

“You were adorable that day.” Max said. His hand tracing her face softly.

“I was what?” she asked as she looked at him and leaned into the touch on her face.

“You were adorable that day. I had already thought so, sweetheart. The problem was I couldn’t do anything with you then even if I wanted too. You were too young and I was your professor. That is a line I won’t cross.” Max said with a grin, “But now I guess I can blur the line enough.”

“Just blur it?” She asked as he kissed her again and brought her to the couch as he did.

“Maybe a little more than blur it.” He whispered on her lips as he continued to kiss her. “I think that we should distract ourselves or I will do something more than I want too. Tv?”

“Max I should probably go home.” She said and he looked at her. He had forgot where she lived and the slight argument about her apartment that they had earlier. There was no way he was going to allow her to go home now.

“Stay.” He whispered as he tried to distract her from leaving. “You can have my bed. I’ll sleep out here. I’ll take you home in the morning.”

“Max.” she said softly. She sighed as she tried to think through the kiss he had landed. “Fine.”

“Good girl.” He whispered as he turned the TV on but kept his attention on her for the rest of the evening.

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