Two hours in being in the office, she had two of the stacks moved and reorganized. The file boxes she had found in the nearly empty room three doors down had helped. She was going to put the papers he had that had no place on the floor in those boxes. As she was sorting them into sections to help his classes and his homework schedule to make everything easier for him later on. Deanna could hear the two voices in the hall as they were getting closer. One started to trail off, and another was getting louder. Max looked up and sighed.

“Ready?” he asked softly. Deanna turned to him and asked him with a look. “It is one of those students.”

“Wonderful,” Deanna said softly as she rolled her eyes. She went back to restacking the books on the bookshelf in a different way to be able to place more of them up there. When the girl breezed into the room and looke

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