The Bad Boy Thinks I'm Suicidal
The Bad Boy Thinks I'm Suicidal
Author: Miss Sarcasm
The weather is nice, aint it?

Cali's POV

Leo was dead. He was sure, but why did it hurt so much-

"Cali! Cali! Cali! Come on!!!" Jake, my dork of a best friend brought me out of the book I was reading.

"Cali! Come on. Join this one party. Please," Eva gave me puppy dog eyes. Pftt as if it will work on me.

"Nope, I'm out. Last time you said that, I agreed. The next morning I was in a stranger's kitchen with banana milkshake all over my hair and I was dressed as a carrot. So nope. Sorry but I don't wanna join this 'party' of yours." I replied and then continued reading my book.

Suddenly the previously buzzing cafeteria was filled with hushed noises as our elite jerks entered. They were spoiled with so much money and believed that they owed the school. Which was partially true. The gang consisted of five boys. One was clearly missing. 

I gave them all a once over to appreciate the gift of style they were blessed with. 

First of is River Mancore more like River Man whore. From the name itself you can get the idea of his personality. With his blue eyes and black hair, girls fall for him every second. He loves two things the most. First, his car and second sleeping with girls.

Second in the group is Justin McClain. He is the troublemaker. The sparks in his green eyes are scary, but with the smooth jaw line and easy smile he looked harmless . He is known for always looking for something fun to do.

But I respect this guy for his pranks. Man, are they fun. But only if they are directed to someone else.

Then comes Spencer Taylor, the peacemaker. Odd? Tell me about it. Even though being the peacemaker of the group, he is the evilest one. His blue eyes and blond hair makes him look like an angel but he is the devil in disguise. I know first hand.

Lastly, we have Blake Sanders. Wanna know why I put him last, cause this fella comes first in everything. From his looks to his money and from breaking rules to being rude. Something about those grey eyes of his make every girl wish that she knew what he was thinking about. His 'rock solid abs are just a piece of heaven on earth' Eva's words not mine.

"Eva, shut your mouth. They aren't that majestic." I said without even glancing up. This was a daily routine. Eva would gush about them and Jake would eat his food, sulking. I majorly would enjoyed the food and the company of some books

After some time the bell rang, and I had to continue the dreadful day.

Ah! At last I'm free from this jail. Oops I meant school. There isn't any difference anyways.

Right now I was leaving my last class A.P Literature. 

"Cali, can you do me a favour?" The teacher, Mrs Mira asked. "Please take these props to the terrace and lock it off?"

"Yeah sure." I'm honored to stay a bit longer in this hell. Do note the sarcasm. I take the keys and props from her, and make my way to the terrace.

It was a good day today, so after dropping of the props I go near the edge of the terrace. Without even thinking I climb up the edge wall of the terrace and balance myself.

"The weather is nice, ain't it?" I said to myself. The view was great. Why hadn't I found this place before?

"The hell are you thinking?? Get down this second." I hear someone yell from behind, from shock I loose my balance and end up falling, luckily on the side of the building. I shut my eyes close and wait for the impact but it never came. When I opened my eyes, I meet an amazing grey. Like lightning grey. Wait! I know these eyes. Blake Sanders! Shit!

I snapped out of whatever it was and jumped out of his arms.

"What are you doing up here?" He asked.

"I came up here to kill myself." I said sarcastically with an eye roll.

"The fuck? As hard as it gets you should never even think of killing yourself!"

"Note the sarcasm idiot!"

"There is no need of hiding it anymore. It doesn't hurt to say what is bothering you."


"Sometimes it is better to talk about it."


"I know an amazing therapist. Should I call her up?"


"No need to thank me."


"I mean, I am saving a life here."


"It is rude to interrupt."

"Oh look who's talking!"


"So he is dumb too." I mumbled, then continued. "You are annoying me further, just leave!"

"Don't tell me you have a crush on me or something. Listen here, You will find someone good enough for you."

"Are you kidding me?"

"No. I'm helping you."

"Just stab me already!" I said, frustrated.

"Are you suicidal or something?" He asked worriedly.

Little did I know that from this one incident Blake Sanders took it upon himself to make sure that I don't kill myself.

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Pauline Parka
Lol. Armin Arlert from Attack on Titan Armin: Is this my brother?

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