Chapter 17

Saoirse woke up, and she couldn’t breathe for a second. She tried to get up, but something restricted her movement. She felt warm.

She opened her eyes fully then realized Alex had his arms wrapped around her tightly. He was still sound asleep. He pulled her even closer when she moved and hugged her in his sleep.

She didn’t want to get up and wake him up right away. He looked so beautiful and peaceful. Almost like a child. Who knew someone with a face like can be so mean and murdered people in cold blood.

She ran her fingers through his soft tousled hair then traced them on his sharp jawline. His eyes opened right away. Oops, it looks like she woke him up.

“Sorry, I’ll go back to my room,” she said quickly and tried to get up. She knew Alex didn’t like anyone staying in his bed with him. He usually comes to her room and leaves when they are done. He neve

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Drottning Abike
Wait for two hours
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Drottning Abike
Omo this is nice ...
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adira almira
why can't view the next chapter?

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