Chapter 55

One month later...

Alex bought a house in Madeira. It was a small island in Portugal which means their house will be right by the beach. He wanted Saoirse to be near the ocean just like she always wanted. He also picked the place as it was quiet and away from all the crimes and his enemies. Saoirse would be able to live peacefully without being involved in his messed-up crime-filled life. All he wanted was to make her happy.

They gathered around alongside old friends at Nate's house f

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Shirea Lemons
This book was great, fresh and keep me so interested. I never when one chapter ended even though I saw the number but couldn't stop reading this story. Great job Author
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Imee Caravaca
I really like this story. Love how the characters evolved. The story in end was hilarious! Thanks for the drama and the laughs. Can’t wait to read your other books.
goodnovel comment avatar
what a nice story short and good ending. kudos to the author

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