8. Smells like Roses

The next day, he acted as nothing happened. He was back to his stoic and no bullshit attitude. I was more than okay to avoid that type of conversation, so I sure as hell didn't bring it up. I decided to stop thinking about it and focus on work. These documents aren't going to prepare themselves.

I had some time after the presentation, so I decided to go shopping. I am in Paris, after all. The concierge recommended a boutique that was apparently super trendy and affordable, so I decided to give it a try. 

It really was a beautiful store. Dozens of beautiful dresses and outfits were displayed, and I was having a hard time picking. I decided to go wi

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also, maybe she should have went back and bought the whole dang store. since he wants to buy for her so badly. ha.
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Amanda King
Sounds like something is going on with the boyfriend

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