46. Keeping up with the Babies

I took Ivan shopping during the office hour. He needed to buy some new clothes. I mean, not really needed. The man had everything, but he liked buying clothes out of habit.

"It...it’s...yellow," Ivan said as he stared at the bright yellow tie I was holding in front of him with a scowl on his face.

"I know! Like the Sun. Doesn't this remind you of happiness?" I chirped.

"No, it reminds of horse pee. There's no way I am wearing that," he declared.

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Chrysanthemum Sadler
she really hates kids
goodnovel comment avatar
Great book
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Penny Culp
✋ Wait a second, she had 2 months left night of art show, then 3 months passed and now she is back to being 2 weeks early? Is she a time wizard?

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