December's Symphony: A Mafia Trinity Novel
December's Symphony: A Mafia Trinity Novel
Author: J. Tarr

Prelude to Pain

“Where am I?”

Amy opens her eyes to blackness. She wasn’t sure where she was or how she got here. Her head hurt and she was cold. Touching her head, she feels the injured spot... Only after she got her bearings, did the metallic scent of blood hit her.

Heart thumping and panicked, she tries to stand up, only to falter and stumble forward. As she falls, she hears the clinking of a chain.

“What the hell...!” 

She reaches down to touch her ankle and realizes, to her horror, that they shackled her to a chain. “No, no, no, no, no...” She breathes out. Yanking the chain, she screams in vain, “HELP! HELP! SOMEBODY!” Tears flow down her cheeks as she continues to scream out, not able to hold back her tears anymore.

She shrinks to the floor and whispers her beloved’s name. Mentally willing him to hear her and rescue her from this predicament, but knowing it was useless. 

Her mind goes to the only reason she could be here and her heart breaks. "How could you let this happen to me, Tony..." She sobs quietly.

He had warned her about coming back here, but she would not listen. His voice floats through her head; "You need to stop seeing the good in people, Amaranthe. Not everyone has your best interests at heart."

Suddenly, a door opens and the room floods with light. “Who’s there?!” She jumps up and backs up against the wall. A man strides in. Big, brawny, and a trace of evil in his eyes. He looks at her with a malicious smile and unveils the instruments on the trolley he had wheeled in behind him. Amy gasps and her eyes widens. He was an enforcer.

“Right, Ms. Amaranthe. We have ways and means to make you talk. Now, tell us WHERE IS ANTONIO RUSSO HIDING?!” As he steps towards her, Amy lets out a bloodcurdling scream...

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