Overture: Chapter 10

Serena takes Amy’s hand in her own and tried to comfort her. The scene outside Bailey’s window had sent her off the edge. Someone had been watching her sister, and quite possibly for a while now. “We need to contact the police when we get back, Amy. This could end really bad.” Serena tells her and she nods. Amy had already called Julie with the news and advised her not to go home today, who knows when the culprit will strike.

Amy looks ahead and notices Antonio watching her in the rear-view mirror with the same concerned expression he had when they were alone in the opera house. She nods at Serena, “I know. I should have listened to Bailey in the beginning, Serena. She would never make up a lie like someone standing at the window.” Amy responds and as usual, blames herself for what had happened. Serena shakes her head, “There’s no way you could have known that the monster at her window was an actual person, Amy. And from w
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