Overture: Chapter 12

Amy enters the diner with a smile plastered on her face, she had woken up without a trace of a hangover and felt oddly refreshed. She was opening the diner today while Arianna had her day off, not that she minded at all. Arianna deserved the day off; her arthritis was getting worse by the day. She was busying herself with her morning set up when she heard a familiar groan behind her and stifled a laugh. Serena had arrived and was nursing a wicked hangover by the sounds of things. She walked over to where the coffee was brewing and poured herself and Serena a cup.

Walking over to her friend, she pops the cup down quietly next to where Serena was sitting. “Good morning, lovely,” Amy crooned, and Serena looked up, staring daggers at her. “This is all your fault,” she cried, and Amy laughs aloud. “Excuse me? You couldn’t keep your hands off that expensive bubbly, Ms. Manzini. This is not on me.” Amy responds, hand over her mouth as she ch

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