Overture: Chapter 13


The traitor was lying beneath his feet when he stepped over him. Antonio wipes his knuckles off a cloth handed to him by Luciano, his brother looking wary of him. “You okay, Tony? You nearly killed the guy with only your fists.” Luciano asked him, knowing better than to question his older brother. Luciano looks down at the crumpled-up excuse of a Made Man and spits. Antonio shoots him a look that made him shut up immediately, all questions were forgotten. “I’m done here, give him concrete shoes,” Antonio says and steps out of the warehouse that served as a torture room.

Did he know why he was filled with such pent-up rage? Of course, he did and it had a name.


Why had she pulled away from his touch as if she were ashamed to be seen with him? Did being seen with him in public really have such an adverse effect on her? He would have to get to the bottom of it if he were to stay with her, the
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