Overture: Chapter 16

The fact that Antonio had not contacted her close two months since he showed up at her door proved to Amy that things between them were over. She wasn’t sure why his absence hit her so hard, they hadn’t known one another that long, and yet his presence had left an imprint on her heart. One she knew she would not shake for a very long time.

Dimitri had become a constant in her life. He had been there for her when she thought her hurt would swallow her whole, a confidant in her time of need and a brother she never knew she needed. He did not ask for more, didn’t make subtle moves or touch her for longer than two seconds. She was scared of growing closer to Dimitri as she did not want him to think she was leading him on, but he had assured her that it was the last thing on his mind. He was in Sicily on business and that is how it would stay.

It was one particular evening when Dimitri came into the diner earlier than usual. He had a concerned
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