I'm A Model That's Undercover As The School's Nerd
I'm A Model That's Undercover As The School's Nerd
Author: KTXQueen

Chapter One

There were many opportunities given to a person in life. When going to school, I’m given the opportunity to work hard and be anything I wanted to be in life. A world-class surgeon, a well-known movie director, a lawyer, or, even something more along the fine arts section. I made the risky decision of modelling. I took the opportunity with modelling that could either sore in life and give the career of rich or fame or it couldn’t go more than a local commercial. My name’s Clover Thompson, but to the world, I’m Lucky. 

My mother named me after a four-leaf clover she found while walking inside. Apparently, when she bent down to pick it up it was in that exact moment her water broke. As she was giving birth she held onto the small green clover and when the time came and I popped out, she decided to share the name with me, naming me Clover Thompson. Thompson, being our family name of course. I got the name Lucky when my career went sky rocketing up after my first magazine appearance. It wasn’t something that happened at a such a young age which is why they called me Lucky, plus a four-leaf clover is supposed to be lucky. Either way, the name has stuck ever since.  

And, speaking of my mother, she wasn't my biggest fan, but I was grateful for the fact that she was the one who started me in the modeling business when I was two years old.

Yes, in case you were wondering, you can find pictures of me today in your local Babies R Us catalog.

Now, I know I'm being a little nonchalant about this whole model business thing but it's because I've done this whole thing for sixteen years all starting in this exact city in Long Beach, California. That is why it didn't take long for me to become Victoria's Secret's number one angel.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

I jumped in my chair as my rather annoying alarm went off for the billionth time. Yeah, I'm not what you would call a morning person. I set, at the least, ten alarms a morning because I have a bad habit of sleeping through them like a groundhog sleeps through winter.

Nah, I don't think I'm that bad.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Okay, maybe I'm just a little bad.

But in my defense, I'm technically still a teenager. We like our sleep but today was one of my better days. It's two months into school, so at this point I'm used to the five-thirty wake-up call.

I turned off the rest of my alarms and continued with my usual morning routine. I made sure my fake, latex nose piece that I added on only for school was perfectly on my face before I started French braiding my blond, slightly shower-wet hair to the back. Once the two braids were done, I twisted them together and pinned them up into a bun, a special trick my stylist taught me a few years ago. I put on a new wig cap, slightly wincing at the tightness of it since it's never been worn. After a minute of getting used to the feeling, I added on a long brown messy wig.

I guess I should explain that my life as a model isn't your most typical lifestyle. One of the perks of being the number one Victoria’s Secret’s Model is that everyone would kill to have you model for them as well as pay you quite a bit for just one photo shoot. One of the downsides, is that your life isn't exactly normal. I was followed from time to time. The paparazzi thoroughly enjoyed trying to find some story that could ruin my perfect image.

They never succeeded though.

Why? Well, simply because they didn't see me outside of my model life. In school, I'm known as Clover Thompson, my legal name. My modeling name is Lucky. It was an easy thing, really, since the world didn't know me by anything else besides Lucky. Now, how does the whole thing work? Outside of school, I dress normally and go on with my life as I usually do. In school, I dress down and change my appearance completely, hence the fake nose.

I know it's a strange thing, going undercover in high school. Who would want to go to school? Well, when you live your life with private tutors, it kind of sucks. That's why I decided to start the undercover in high school thing as soon as I was old enough to attend. It probably all seemed like a lonely life, but I had my best friend, Tori. She’s just like me, a model who attends high school, but since she's new to Victoria’s Secret, she doesn't get much recognition in school.

I glanced at the clock and knew it was time to start picking up the pace a bit. I stood up from my chair in front of my vanity mirror and went over to my closet. I opened the white doors and stepped into the humongous closet filled with tons of outfits. I walked into the back where my school clothes were located and slipped on a plain, olive-colored t-shirt over my embroidered, black bra and then a warm, oversized hoodie. I then slid on a pair of flared jeans that fit perfectly, completely covering my black lace panties before I pulled on a pair of ankle socks and some Converse to finish off my outfit.


I glanced at my iPhone that laid on my vanity, plugged into the charger. I slid my finger across the phone, quickly putting in the passcode and easily unlocking it before going to the messages.

Hey, babe. I'm coming up, Tori had texted and I smiled. Tori was the only one I trusted everything with, from my secret to the key to my house. She was one of those friends you could trust with your life if it came down to a life or death situation. She was like the sister I didn’t get the opportunity to grow up with. Like the one I could only imagine since she was gone too soon.

Besides that, Tori and I were extremely close and found it easier to take turns driving to school every day. The car I usually use for school is an old, beige-colored Cavalier but the one I prefer to use outside of school is my black Audi R8 coupe. In other words, my life. That car is the one thing I couldn't live without.

Tori lightly tapped on the door before coming in. "Hey, you almost ready?" She handed me my usual drink from Starbucks, a caramel espresso grande. Heaven in a cup.

"Yeah, I just need to remember where I put my glasses yesterday," I said, moving my makeup around on my dresser and opening drawers as I tried to find the square frames.

"You truly show that you're a natural blonde," Tori said, chuckling as she handed me the glasses.

I scowled. "Where'd you find them?" 

She rolled her eyes at me. "You left them on the kitchen table." 

I sent her a sheepish smile. Of course, I did. Ha, I totally knew that.

Well, I would've known that... eventually.

I slid on the fake glasses and gave myself a quick look in my full body mirror on the wall. "Sexy as ever." I winked and Tori snorted.

"Yeah, the boys will truly be drooling," she said dryly before ushering me out of my room. We headed down the stairs to the living room where I grabbed my gray and black book bag off the plush, white couch.

"You know, I'm starting to think you have some secret boyfriend or something. No teenager on earth is as wide awake as you and in such a hurry to go to school. I mean, it's six-thirty in the morning," I said, dragging my feet behind her as we exited the house, locking the door behind us.

I didn't bother to yell a goodbye, since the house was empty. My parents weren’t around very often. I know what you're thinking, wow, another teenager with some oh-so-sad life with parents who weren't around and didn't care. But my life wasn't like that. I mean, sure, my dad didn't care much, but my mother definitely cared when it came to my career. They were both busy—my mom with her fashion companies all around the world and my dad with his full-time job as a surgeon. Trust me, though, it wasn't as bad as it seemed. I mean, I'm used to it.

"You know, life would be good if I had a boyfriend to take me to school. Then I wouldn't have to constantly nag you on not taking forever," she said.

"Please, you truly love me," I said, as we got into Tori's silver jeep, being careful not to spill our drinks on the leather seats. She glanced at her phone, sending a quick text before starting up the car.

I sighed dramatically. "C'mon, Tori. Hurry up and drive before we're late. We don't want to ruin my perfect attendance record, and we don't want your boyfriend to think you got in an accident or something," I said teasingly. 

She snorted. "You know I don't have a boyfriend," she chided for the billionth time as she finally pulled out of the driveway and started the not-too-long drive to school.

"You will as soon as next week's catalogue comes out," I said, sending her a wink. 

Instead of responding, she turned up the music, letting the top song of the week blast through the speakers.

"I absolutely love Drake,” I said with a dreamy sigh. "I can't wait till we go see him in concert next fall," I said, lightly tapping my fingers on my jeans to the beat.

"Yeah, I still can't believe we won tickets to that," Tori said, with an excited grin.

"I know!” I exclaimed matching her excitement. "I would literally give that man my life savings for a hug." She sighed dreamily.

I couldn't help but chuckle.

That's how I feel about Zayn Malik.

“You know with your connections I’m sure you could even get tickets just by asking.” She said looking at me.

I shrugged, “Maybe, but that would involve going to more awards shows and going to more parties.”

She rolled her eyes, “Well, the awards shows are something you should want to go to. You get to see so many different artists perform.” 

"I’m over that phase, but hey, give your career some time, and you'll be where I am and can go to as many awards shows as you want in no time," I said with a knowing smile. 

She frowned. "I sure hope so. I mean, you're eighteen and you're getting away with drinking illegally at these parties after your huge fashion shows in New York." 

I smiled innocently. "Yeah, let's just keep that to ourselves though." I bit back a small smirk. Believe it or not, that was a one-time thing and since then, I’d vowed to never drink again. I didn't like the feeling of not knowing what I was doing, and I didn't like not remembering every event the next day. Besides the one drinking incident that only Tori and those who were at the party know about, I've had a completely clean record

We fell into a comfortable silence, and I decided to leave it at that with only the music filling the silence in the air till we got to school, since I was dead tired.

It didn't take long until we pulled up at the school parking lot. We went to our lockers together, pushing past people in the crowded hallway. Tori's locker was only a few down from mine.

This was usually the time we would split up, since we only had our lunch together and science at the end of the day. Deciding to say my goodbye, I lightly bumped my hip with hers. "Bye, see you at lunch." 

"Bye, see ya then," she said with a wave, and we split up. 

Now, time for lovely history with Mr. Stark.

Please allow yourself to notice my sincere sarcasm.

My job here as an undercover student was to be a nerd. If I wanted to stay in a public school then I needed to follow the rules set by my mother and my modeling agent, Mary. My only rules were to stay out of trouble, get good grades, and be on all the teachers' good sides to try to have a normal life. Let me tell you, that's a hard thing when you go to a school with a bunch of girls who care more about gossip than their actual studies.

As I was walking to class, I accidentally bumped into the school's queen bee, the one and only Stacey Heart. She was a real daisy to talk to. I mean, it wasn't hard to picture her in your head, brunette with long, curled hair and short-shorts with a tank top.

Don't ask me how she got past the dress code because I had no idea but it probably had something to do with her sleeping with the hall monitors. I mentally scolded myself; I needed to start paying attention and stop getting lost in my thoughts.

"Watch where you're going, freak," Stacey sneered, pushing my books all over the floor. "You ruined my new shirt."

"Sorry," I mumbled, trying to pat down her shirt with the napkin that had been around my Starbucks cup. She only pushed me back and let out a strangled-sounding noise.

"Don't touch me," she snapped, pushing past me. I let out a sigh and started to pick up my books. But, of course, Stacey needed to make one of her usual scenes and kicked one of my books across the hall and started laughing obnoxiously as the minute bell rung.

Great. I'm going to be late to class. So much for that clean record.

"Go fetch, like the dog you are," Stacey sneered, as she walked away with her Michael Kors' bag sitting on her shoulder and her matching name brand shoes squeaking down the hallway.

Nice. Of course, I had to be her unlucky victim of the day.

I pushed my hair behind my ear as I started to reach for my books, one by one. I glanced at the stragglers left in the hall. Unsurprisingly, there were quite a few people still talking about Stacey's scene.

Like I said, it's a normal thing for her, a new victim has to deal with her bitch wrath every day. When I finally got all but one book, Stacey's friend, Anne, ran over and kicked the book further away from me.

"Oops, sorry, my foot slipped," she said with a fake pout before walking away as the late bell rung. 

I huffed out loud. "Cool, fantastic. So much for that good day I was having," I muttered to myself. I grabbed my remaining book and quickly jogged toward my class. I slowed down the pace once I was two doors away and straightened my appearance. I knocked on the locked and closed door. Mr. Stark stopped whatever he was saying and opened it, letting me in, three minutes late.

"Mr. Stark, I'm so sorry I'm late. My books fell on my way here," I lied as I walked into the classroom in front of everyone's piercing eyes, which I decided to ignore. They could stare all they wanted. I mean, it's not like I killed someone. All I did was come in late.

"Well, I'm sorry, Ms. Thompson. I know this is your first time being late but rules are rules. If I let you off, then I have to let everyone off and so you must get a detention," he said. 

I held back myself from commenting on the fact that he'd let many students off before and only nodded, keeping a tight smile on my face. I took a seat in the back of the room.

By the time lunch arrived, I’d already decided today was the worst day so far this year as Stacey's group yelled little attention-seeking comments to try to get some type of emotion from me, most likely hoping for tears.

Yeah, right. Like I'm gonna cry over them.

I walked over to where Tori and my other friend, Katy, were sitting. Now, Katy was definitely someone who would never know my secret because she was a total gossip. She knows everything that goes around this school. If I told her, she would spread my secret like wildfire. Friend or not, she was still a gossip. Don't get me wrong, I mean, I completely accept that about her. I just can't risk my secret, especially since I've made it this far.

"Hey, guys," I said, sitting down at the table with my lunch in hand.

"Hey, Clover," they said in sync, still giggling about something they were talking about before.

Katy suddenly gasped, slamming her hand down on the table loudly, causing a few people to look our way. "Oh, my gosh, Clover!" she said and Tori raised an eyebrow. "Spill the beans. I totally heard rumors about you being Stacey's victim. Tell us what happened," Katy said, placing her head on her hand and leaning forward slightly.

I couldn't help but chuckle. I wasn't even the worst of Stacey's victims. I mean, once a freshman tried to get into her in crowd by offering to carry her books. Stacey had that poor girl not only crying by the end of the week, but somehow, she even got her kicked off the cheer team. A team Stacey's not even a part of.

"Whoa, wait, what happened?" Tori asked with concern. 

I waved her off. "It really was nothing." I took a bite out of my chicken salad. Neither one was having it as they stared me down, waiting for me to tell them the story. After three minutes of them just staring at me, I finally broke and told them everything.

"What a bitch," Tori snapped, and I silently agreed. She wasn't the Cinderella of the place, that's for sure.

"You need to stick up for yourself," Katy said and Tori agreed. “You shouldn't let her talk to you like that. You should use that sass you always use toward us," Katy said, giving me an encouraging smile.

"What sass?" I questioned curiously. I thought I was pretty good at hiding that. I mean, I'm told all the time that I can be extremely sassy, but I was good at being a different person at school. A good girl who kept mostly to herself.

"What sass? Honey, you are like, off the scales with how much sass you can have. With the way you talk, to the way you sometimes walk, swaying your hips. You should stop with those oversized shirts and the hoodies. Show off your body; I bet you have curves. You'd probably make even Stacey jealous." Katy took a bite of her own salad.

"Nah, I don't have any curves. Ask Tori, she's seen me in a bathing suit before. I'm that person who has curves in all the wrong places," I lied, waving her off.

"Yeah, no offense, but you're like looking at one of those tall fans. You got little curves that come out of nowhere," Tori said, quickly covering for me. 

I almost snorted. Did she really just compare me to a fan?

"I doubt it," Katy argued, giving us a look that said she was unconvinced.

I didn't respond and only shoved a fork full of a salad into my face.

Yeah, like I said, Katy's a well-known gossip.

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