Chapter Three

When West and I arrived at the photo shoot, the scene changed from fun time to the time to get in a serious mood. We walked into the photo shoot on time, and I was immediately taken to hair and makeup. My wig, glasses, and fake nose were all taken off by my stylist. My blond hair was quickly straightened and then left with a messy look. The man in charge of my outfits quickly handed me the new Perfect Shape bra by Victoria's Secret and a matching pair of panties before directing me to the changing room.

I changed out of my baggy clothes and into the red and blue bra set. I immediately loved the way it looked on me. I stepped out of the dressing room and my hair stylist, Jennifer, gushed at the look. 

"You look fabulous!" Jennifer said as she pulled at pieces of my hair a bit, trying to keep the messy look.

"Thanks! Isn't this bra adorable? The world is going to buy this up," I said.

"At least you get to keep it," Jennifer said, pouting.

"They'll be out on the market soon enough," I said.

"Good point. On the bright side, we get first dibs," Jennifer said, finally removing her hands from my hair.

"Lucky, you're in room A today for the photo shoot, so hurry. We have to get started if you don't want to get home late," Caitlin, the photographer ordered. 

Once I reached room A, I noticed the walls were completely white and there was furniture in the room.

"You ready to get started?" she asked.

"More ready now than ever," I said and Mary sent me a thumbs up from the back of the room.

"Okay, great! Now, for this first one, I want you to go for the sexy look. I mean, this is lingerie after all," she said with a comfortable smile. 

I didn't say anything as I posed, biting my lip while scrunching up my hair with my left hand.

She took a hundred shots as I constantly did different poses before instructing me to go change into the next set ready for me in the dressing room. The next bra was a normal push-up bra. 

"Now, for this one, I want you to show us who Lucky is. Show us you," she instructed and I nodded. 

There were only twenty more sets, some pajamas, others swimsuits, but most of them ended up being just lingerie.

Surprising? I know.

"As always, you can take home everything you modeled today," Mary said, not even looking at me as she texted away on her phone. 

I didn't respond as I packed up my belongings, throwing my new clothes into the bag I was given and throwing my school stuff in my book bag. 

"I'm ready," I said, opening the curtain as I wore nothing but my black sleep romper with a printed kimono. I was only going home and since it was already ten at night, I didn't really expect any more paparazzi to be hanging around.

"Clove, I don't know how you do that for a living. I mean, I was bored after five minutes," West said, throwing an arm over my shoulder.

I snorted. "Please, if I wasn't your cousin and was some other pretty model then you would've been watching me the whole time instead of your phone." 

He couldn't hold back the smile from his face since he knew I was right.

Mary decided to finally look up from her own phone and she plastered a smile on her face. "Good job today."

"Thanks," I said with a small smile of my own.

"Don't forget, tomorrow you have a photo shoot at six, so you'll have a few hours to yourself after school, but I expect you to be jogging at 4:30. We need some new cover photos that aren't located on a Victoria Secret catalogue." She checked her watch and put her own bag over her shoulder. "Look your best and be prepared for the paparazzi. I expect you to be on time for that," Mary said before doing the la bise, also known as the little kiss-kiss thing on both cheeks. "Bye, darling."

"Of course, you will," I mumbled as she walked away. 

West coughed loudly, covering up the laughing fit he was having from my little comment.

"You poor thing. I don't know how you deal with that bitch either." He shook his head as he led me out to the car.

"Trust me when I say it takes lots of work. I mean, she's supposed to be my agent, not my friend, so it's what I signed up for when I hired her." 

He suddenly looked at me with wide eyes. "Hey, how about we go to that diner near your place? I haven't been to that place in forever." 

My own eyes brightened at the thought of the great burger joint nearby. "Mary would kill me if she found out I went there."

"Live a little," he said as we got in the car. "We'll stop at home so you can change into some clothes that won't make a man get a hard-on and then we'll head up there."

I tried to ignore the pleading look he was giving me but eventually decided to give in.

Why not? It's been awhile since I've been there, and West is only here for the night so I might as well do something fun with him.

"Fine, but you're paying," I said. 

He made his hand into a fist, pulling his arm toward him, signaling his happiness. "Yes, I could really go for one of those greasy burgers." 

I couldn't help but agree. Greasy food sounded amazing right now.

It didn't take long for me to get home and change into a pair of plaid pajama pants and a tank top before we were left again, arriving at the burger joint in less than five minutes.

The place luckily ended up being completely empty besides the employees and a few stray people who were either eating or drinking a coffee as they read today's newspaper.

"Hey, welcome to Kell's Burger! Can I start you guys with anything to drink?" the waitress asked while taking out two menus and placing them in front of us.

"Just a water is fine," I said politely and she nodded, not losing the smile on her face.

"And for you?" she asked West.

"I'll take the same," he replied, looking down at the menu.

"Sounds good. I'll be back with those in a minute. Feel free to take your time and check out the menu while I'm gone," the waitress said. 

I made sure to thank her before looking at the food on the menu.

"You know the—" West started, but my focus was on someone else entering the diner in a familiar black leather jacket. Andrew Carter.

Instead of having his hair all down and draped over his forehead like before, it was now back to its usual way, with pieces pushed up and back with only a few strays resting on his forehead, the brown color shining under the light from drops of water that covered it all. He sat down in a chair, draping the black jacket on the back.

"Clove? You're not even listening to me. What are you..." West trailed off, his eyes landing on Andrew. "Who's that?"

I sighed, removing my eyes and focusing on the menu again. "No one," I said simply, pursing my lips.

"No, no, no." West shook his head, "Don't go lying to me now."

I scoffed. "I'm not lying about anything. I have a boyfriend."

This time, it was West's turn to roll his eyes. "That douche is hardly a boyfriend." He took a sip of his drink that I somehow missed the waitress setting down.

"Yeah, so you've said," I mumbled, waving him off.

"Did you guys decide what you want?" the waitress interrupted, and I looked at West with wide eyes. I'd barely even glanced at the menu.

"I'll just take the classic burger with fries and she'll take the same," West ordered. 

The waitress smiled. "Okay, anything else?"

We shook our heads. 

"Well, then you two made my night easy," she said, sending us a wink. "Your orders will be up soon, hon," she said, lightly patting my shoulder before heading over to Andrew's table. My eyes followed the movement and watched as she poured him a cup of coffee.

"He looks like he's hungover," West commented and I scrunched up my nose. He probably was. "So, want to tell me who he is?"

"He's just a kid in my grade. Total delinquent," I said as I twirled my straw around my drink.

West raised an eyebrow. "Is that so? He's a delinquent? Why don't you invite him to join us? He looks lonely." 

I gave him a look that said, “Are you serious?”

"He wasn't lonely earlier when he and his friends were all smoking and laughing together," I retorted. 

West dipped his fingers in his water and flicked it at me.

I giggled. "Hey, now! I'd appreciate it if you didn't try to throw water at me with those disgusting fingers that have been who knows where." 

He rolled his eyes. "Oh, don't be dramatic."

"I'm Clover Thompson, also known as Victoria’s Secret's number one model, Lucky. Of course, I'm dramatic,” I whispered, sticking my tongue out at him.

"Wow, why am I not surprised? You're pulling the Lucky card again." He shook his head, and I lifted my head in the air, a conceited look on my face.

"Who do you think the public thinks you're with right now? I mean, the world doesn't know me as Clover Thompson yet," I said. 

He didn't respond and only took a sip out of his water.

"Here you go," the waitress said suddenly, handing us each our own plate.

"Oh, my gosh, I'm never going to finish this," I said, letting out a laugh as I looked at the size of the burger.

"Whatever you don't finish, I definitely will," West said before shoving his burger in his mouth. 

I twirled a fry between my fingers and looked over at Andrew again. Surprisingly, I found that he was already looking over at me, but with only a curious look. When eye contact was made, part of me wanted to look away, but something about the look in his eyes kept me frozen.

Instead of giving me the look he would typically give girls at school, he kept his face blank, yet held some type of anger in his features. I didn't think the anger was toward me, since he didn't know me as the model, Lucky, but rather toward something else.

"Can you two please stop making gooey eyes from across the room? You're going to make me puke," West said, causing me to scowl and throw a French fry at him.

"Real mature, Lucky."

"Yeah, yeah," I said, making a face and he couldn't help but laugh.

"That look," he said in between breaths. "Absolutely priceless."

I didn't respond and only took a small bite of my burger.

"You're eating like a mouse," West said with an amused look.

I rolled my eyes. "Sorry, it's not my fault this burger is bigger than my mouth."

I looked up and saw Andrew standing there; he reached over and grabbed the ketchup bottle from the middle of the table.

"Don't mind me," Andrew said with a smirk, his whole attitude changing.

I didn't say anything and sent West a look that I could only hope he'd understand. I couldn't risk saying anything because whether he was partly drunk or not earlier, he may recognize my voice.

"You're fine, man," West said awkwardly, and I shoved a fry in my mouth to hold back a chuckle.

Attractive, I know.

"Thanks, hot date you got," Andrew said, sending me a wink before walking away.

West looked at me with wide eyes and gave me a look that said, “Is he serious?”

"Who the hell does that?" I asked, just as surprised.

"Maybe he knows we're actually cousins? I mean, he probably recognizes you as Lucky," he suggested. ,

I shook my head, watching as Andrew sat down, flirting with the waitress.

I knew he didn't recognize me. He didn't seem like the type to research models and find out all about their relationship statuses and all that. I mean, the only people who really look into that stuff about a model are the creepy perverts.

I chewed on another fry slowly as I got lost in my thoughts again, watching the man who seemed to corrupt my thoughts lately. It was strange how different he acts. One minute, he looks like he's screaming inside his head because of his sorrows, the next minute, he's dancing on desks while completely drunk off his ass and now... now he's acting like the jerk we all see at school, but not just any jerk, the supposed bad boy, the player, the one and only, Andrew Carter.

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