Episode#4:- (Scared Kitten)

"What you want?" Swara asked. She was feeling nervous about his gaze. Seb said nothing and sat down on the sofa in front of her. He gazes at her wounded hand, which she was clutching against her chest.

"I told you that if after doing this stunt (said while eyeing her wrist) you got saved, then nobody will save you from me."

Swara said nothing, and turns her gaze from his face towards her lap.

"I'm ordering food and medicine for you, which you will take, showing no tantrum and attitude. Because, little sparrow, if again you behaved like a spoilt brat then your other wrist I will cut by myself."

Swara gave him a horrified look while hiding her hands behind her back. Seb smirks after seeing her expressions and ordered food for her. After around 10 minutes, one maid came with the tray of food.

"Eat" Seb said, on which Swara hesitantly starts eating the food. She can feel his gaze on her, but she didn't dare to look towards him again. His gaze was enough to send shivers through her spine.

She doesn't want to make him angry, because, by his tone, she came to know that he was not lying or giving fake threats. Her hand was paining like hell, the wound was fresh, and she was using it for eating that's why she had to bear that pain.

With great difficulty, she ate her food, and saw towards him who points towards the medicines kept near the tray. Swara took the tablets silently.

"I know you are very curious to know why are you here, isn't it?" Seb said on which Swara just nodded her head.

"You are here for a reason which will disclose to you after a few days, so, for now; you just stay here and enjoy your life," Seb said and got up from the sofa.

Swara becomes angry after hearing him, and she also got up from the sofa. "I want to know now only that why I'm here; I don't want to live here. I want to go to my previous life; can't you get this little thing straight in your mind?"

Swara spats loudly in anger on which Seb who was going towards his table turns around, and within seconds Swara felt herself pinned against the wall.

Her arms were in an iron grip. She gulped her saliva after seeing his bloodshot eyes.

"I told you that don't talk in this tone, didn't I?" Seb said in a low dangerous tone on which Swara nodded her head vigorously. Because in anger, she didn't realize what a blunder she did.

"I...m s...o.rry... Sanskaa..rrr," Swara said on which Seb's expressions turned furious.

"Don't you dare to take my first name ever, understand?" Seb said while shouting in anger, on which Swara closed her eyes in fear.

"Seb what are you doing? Leave her," Vidhant blurted while pulling him backwards. Swara hissed in pain because he had a tight grip on her arms.

Seb was giving her a death glare while breathing heavily; Swara was standing with scared expressions. Vidhant, who saw his glares came in front of Swara to save her from his deadly stare.

Seb glared at Vidhant and turned his face.

"Take her out from here now," Seb said, angrily, and storms out from the room. "Lou isko out karnay ka Keh kr khud he out ho giya, (He said to take her out, but he only went out)" Vidhant murmurs under his breath while shaking his head in disbelief.

Swara was crying silently, as she was hell scared after seeing his anger. Vidhant turn towards Swara and saw her crying silently. "Come," Vidhant said and held her hand softly.

Swara said nothing because she was hell scared. She walks silently with Vidhant holding her hand. He took her back to her room, where she woke up in the morning.

Vidhant made her sit on the bed and kneeled in front of her.

"Look Swara I know you want to know everything and believe me, you will come to know about everything but, for a time being, do nothing stupid. Seb is not bad, it's just he is having some temper issues."

"I...i....d..o...nn...tt li...ke h.i..mm," Swara said while hiccupping badly, on which Vidhant smiles a little and said,

"Even I also don't like him," he said in a whisper, as if he was sharing some deep secret. Swara smiles a little after hearing him.

"I'm sorry I behaved rudely with you," Swara blurted on which Vidhant said "it's okay," and later he left from there while saying her to take some rest.

Swara got up from the bed and came towards the room door. She locked it from inside also because she was afraid that what if he came again? She was already scared after hearing his name, and now when she saw his anger she felt, she will die if again he shouted on her.

She like a scared kitten came towards the bed and hides herself in the fluffy soft duvet from head to toe. She slept within no time because of the weakness and medicine's effect.

The next morning, Swara's sleep broke when she heard the door knocking sound. She first got nothing but later when she realized everything, and she woke up with a jerk.

She got down from the bed and came towards the door. Hesitantly, she opened the door and got relaxed when she found that it was Vidhant, not Sebastian Knight.

Vidhant came inside while flashing a bright smile; Swara passed him a slight smile and came towards her bed.

Vidhant put some bags on the centre table, and turn towards Swara who was rubbing her eyes to remove her sleep.

"How are you feeling now?" Vidhant asked on which Swara said that she is better, but in actual she was feeling, as if her wrist was on fire.

"Oh really, after cutting your wrist not over 12 hours back, you are saying that you are fine?" Seb said while entering the room, on which Swara felt her throat drying again. She can't take this man's presence near her after seeing this anger.

"Seb," Vidhant said while giving him a stern look on which Seb did nothing, just shook his head.

"Swara these are some clothes for you, you go and fresh then we will talk," Vidhant said, and dragged Seb outside. Swara took a sigh of relief after seeing him going. She changed her clothes and was sitting in her room when one maid came and told her that Mr Knight is calling her.

Swara rubbed her sweaty palms on her jeans and followed that maid. They again came in Seb's study, and the maid left after dropping her in front of the door. She knocked on the door twice, on which she heard the "come in" sound from inside.

She peeped inside and found Seb and Vidhant sitting on his study table. Vidhant saw her and called her while Seb just gave her an indifferent gaze.

"What's with this man always shooting daggers towards me," Swara murmurs under her breath. She came towards them and sat down on one chair kept near Vidhant, while Seb was sitting in front of them.

"First drink this milk, then you will take your medicine," Vidhant said while pointing towards the glass of milk. Swara made a disgusting face after seeing the glass of milk. She was going to deny that she doesn't want to drink, but suddenly her sight went towards Seb, who was sitting with blank expressions.

Swara gulps down her words back, and while giving a tight smile to Vidhant drank the milk in one go, she felt like throwing it but with great difficulty; she gulps it down.

After drinking milk, she took her medicines, all this while Seb was gazing her with a smirk playing on his lips, because he came to know that she hates milk, and due to him only she drank it showing no tantrums.

"Good girl," Vidhant mumbled, on which Swara gave him a fake smile, as she hates milk to her guts.

"Swara we bring you here because we have some work with you," Vidhant blurted on which Swara saw towards Seb for a while who was sitting silently, and playing with the paperweight. His eyes were on her only.

"Can I ask you one question?" Swara asked them hesitantly, on which Vidhant nodded his head.

"Did you guys kidnapped me and brought me to that auction?" Swara asked nervously, on which Seb and Vidhant shared a look. Seb, gave a nod on which Vidhant turns his sight towards Swara and said,

"No, we didn't kidnap you that day, in fact I was following you that night as I wanted to talk with you, but before that only they kidnapped you. I could not save you as because of rain I lost them."

"Later we came to know that they brought you in the auction, so Seb sent me there, and when I bided the higher amount, they sold you to us."

Swara was gazing at him with wide eyes. Till now she thought they are with those people who kidnapped her that day, but in reality, they are the ones who saved her that day.

She turns her sight towards Seb with shock written on her face. Seb look towards Vidhant and nodded towards Swara.

"Swara," Vidhant called her softly on which she came in her senses.

"I... i... a..m so.. r.. yy I. though... tt yo.. uu.. pe.. op.. lee are w.. i.. th them," Swara said while stammering a little on which Vidhant just put his hand on hers and said,

"No, we are not with them; we don't have any connections with them. It's just it was the situation because of which all the things messed up." Vidhant told her softly while Seb was gazing at his hand on Swara's hand.

"I'm sorry," Swara said in a whisper to Seb while bending her head low in embarrassment. They were her saviours, and she misbehaved with them only. Seb said nothing; he just gave her a nod.

"Is it illegal for him to talk?" Swara thought in her mind after seeing Seb.

"Okay, if your doubts are clear then can I tell you the exact reason that why are you here?" Vidhant said on which Swara said yes.

"You are here to become Sebastian fiancé," Vidhant told her on which Swara who was sitting calmly, becomes numb on her spot. Her mouth hung down in shock.

"What? What did you say?" Swara asked him again as she could not believe her ears about what she heard some seconds before.

"You have to become fiancé of Sebastian Knight," Vidhant said, this time a little loud on which she got up from her chair with a jerk.

"Are you out of your mind? Hell will freeze when I have to become the fiancé of this fire-spitting dragon," Swara said in an angry tone while shooting daggers towards Sebastian. Vidhant's mouth hung down in shock while Sebastian gave her an amused look.

"You are now gone Swara," Vidhant murmurs and looks towards Swara who was giving a death glare to Seb.

"Fire spitting dragon?" Sebastian blurted on which Swara who was till now gazing at him with angry eyes came in her senses. She realized what she said in her anger. She put her hand on her mouth and saw towards him with wide eyes.

Seb got up from his chair, and after seeing him getting up Swara steps back, while Vidhant was sitting while putting his hand under his chin, after putting it on the table and was giving her a sympathetic look.

Swara gave a tight smile to Seb when she saw him coming near her with a smirk playing on his lips.

"My tongue slipped," Swara said with a sheepish smile while scratching her neck in nervousness. She gave a puppy face to Vidhant, who just shook his head in disbelief.

To be continued...

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