Senior Year
Senior Year
Author: adesuwavic02


Jasmine's POV 

It was a bright Saturday morning at my wonderful home, with my mom, my sisters and my very block headed brother. 

"Nadia, Nadia." That's my mom

"I'm coming ma." And that's my elder sister Nadia. 

"I'm going to the hospital to see your dad, so before I come back do your chores ok?"

"Ok ma. Greet Daddy for us." 

"I will dear, bye." My mom said as she left the house. 

"Uggghh!  House chores again!"  We all hated house chores in our house. It was like torture but music helped to ease it, because Nadia's Bluetooth speaker was already blasting Fireboy's "Vibration". 

*knock knock*

No, scratch that! 

Nadia doesn't knock. That word doesn't exist in her dictionary.  She says she's only  supposed to knock on my parents and my brother's door because he's a boy, and we've seriously complained to my mom about it. 

I quickly continued my pretend sleep

"Jasmine, Jasmine wake up."

"Oooooooo God! What again na?"

"If I slap that your mouth, you'll join Daddy in the hospital. Come on get up jare."

Then I heard someone trying to stifle laughter. 

"And you madam better get up." Nadia said to my sister Joan. 

Joan just turned over like someone who was still sleeping. 

"Keep behaving  like an imbecile there, as I'm going out now, follow me."  Nadia said as she left our room. 

Joan started throwing her hands and legs around in annoyance. 

"What kind of sister is she? Sister from hell."

"Let her hear you. You'll just clean all the toilets in the house."

"Jesus!  Imagine cleaning Jordan's toilet. I will just die before I enter the toilet."

We both started laughing at what she said. 

"Don't make me come back there both of you!"  I and Joan quickly hurried downstairs still laughing. 

"Good morning madams." That was Jordan sarcastically greeting us. 

"Since you both cannot greet oh."

"Who is supposed to be greeting who?" Joan asked. 

"I'm older so you both are supposed to greet me."

"Older by just 3 minutes, better wake up." I replied. 

"At least I'm older than Joan with 7 minutes."

I, Joan and Jordan are triplets. 

*smiley face*

Jordan was born 3 minutes before me, then Joan was born 4 minutes after me, making Jordan 7 minutes her senior.  But she hated hearing that, I hated it too but she hated it more.  And sometimes Jordan always used it to misbehave. That boy can be stupid all the time. 

"Bros abeg shut up. Be arguing about seniority there. See as long as we were born on the same day by the same mother, we are all mates so just carry your useless facts somewhere else."

"Will you all come here before I slap you three back into your mother's womb!"

We quickly went downstairs to meet a very angry and frustrated Nadia. 

And trust me, you won't want to do or say something stupid when she is like this. You'll regret it instantly. 

She looked at us like she was going to rip our heads off any second, and we just stood still. 

She picked up a brush and gave it to me. 

"You sweep the front of the house, the balcony, and the kitchen. 

She turned to Joan. 

"The living room, mummy and daddy's room, then the passage."

Then she faced Jordan. 

"Oga, you wash all mummy and daddy's car and cut the grasses growing outside there."

She said pointing outside. 

"Then you'll fill up the drum outside."

"Then what will you do?" I know I was not supposed to ask that question but it just came out. And surprisingly she answered. 

"Washing the plate."

As usual. She always made us do almost all the work in the house, then she'll just wash plate or clean her room, then when we end up reporting her to our mother, She'll tell us that Nadia is busy studying for her exams. 

All the time! I wonder how many exams they do in that her university sef.  

We are already used to it sha. 

We started work right away.  I swept everywhere I was supposed to sweep, Joan did hers and Jordan washed the cars and any other thing he was supposed to do. 

As normal, functional human beings, we were sooo tired and hungry after the torture session. 

"I'm hungry ohhh." Jordan announced 

I looked around for Joan and the madam was already in the kitchen dishing food for herself. 

I and Jordan looked at each other with that knowing look. Then almost immediately we ran towards the kitchen. Luckily for me I got into the kitchen before him.  

Joan just shook her head.  

I dished my own portion, and then Jordan's own.  We always dished his own because the last time he took his food by himself, Joan didn't eat and in this house a hungry Joan is equal to godzilla on rampage. 

I gave him his food and made sure he left the kitchen before I did.

"UP NEPAAAA!!"  Children playing in the street screamed at the top of their voices. 

There was light.  In Nigeria there is so much joy when you're eating and there is light. 

Joan was already with the remote, so that was a plus for me. We watched almost the same thing, while Jordan was only interested in stupid sports. 

"You guys, please just allow me watch this replay." Jordan pleaded with us. 

"Go and eat." Joan replied him bluntly, changing the channels. 

"Before the three of you remove your heads, Jo give me the remote." Nadia said. 


"Just give me abeg." Nadia didn't wait for Joan to give her, she just snatched it from her hand and changed to the channel to FOX and luckily for us, Family guy was showing. We all loved this show. 

 "Big sister knows best." She said proudly, dropped the remote and went to sit down. 

Halfway into the show my phone on the dining table rang and I went to pick it. 

I looked at the caller ID and it was an unknown number, but I picked anyway. 


"Hello Jasmine."   I seriously had no idea who this was. 

"Sorry please who is this?"

"You don't even recognize my voice again."

I was getting impatient already. I hated it when people did this on the phone, it was so annoying. But the voice sounded familiar though. 

"I don't."

"Wow Jazzy, that was cold."  And immediately it clicked, and I covered my mouth in surprise.  

It's Prince! 

He is the only one who called me Jazzy, my friends and reasonable people called me Jazz. 

"Oh. My. God!  Prince, I'm so so so so so so sorry.  I swear I didn't know it was you, well I was trying not to get annoyed and cut the call and at the same time trying to figure out the familiar voice." I said and he laughed over the phone.  Immediately I started seeing his perfect set of white teeth when he was laughing. 

God, he's handsome! 

Back to reality Jazz. 

"So what's up now, how you doing?" He asked me

"I'm fine oh, I'm fine.  I'm just trying not to kill your stupid friend this holiday."

"Jordan abi, that boy ehn.  I know he's a handful but please don't kill my guy for me oh, I'll kill him myself." We both laughed at what he said. 

"Anyways you'll just have to endure for today since school is resuming tomorrow."

Ah!  I totally forgot about that. 

"That's a  relief."

"Yeah, so i'll see your beautiful face tomorrow."

I instantly blushed at that statement and obviously I like him. 

"Of course. I'll see you tomorrow too." I said with a side smile. 

"Bye Jazzy and tell Jordi I said hi. And not forgetting Jo." I kind of felt jealous when he mentioned Joan. He and Jo where a thing back then, and I could describe their relationship with one thing...... 


I couldn't just imagine how they could ever break up. When I heard it I was shocked. 

And Joan still seems so unaffected by it. She makes it looks as if the whole thing was just a fling. They argued a loooot, and they weren't like all these couples that behave all lovey dovey.  Well they did but not all the time though.  It was so very obvious that they like each other. They cannot just stay without each other. Wherever you see Prince, you'll see Jo.  And then there's always this kind of sexual tension around them, I seriously have no idea why.  Seriously its kind of creepy,  and they always shared this look that only I and my group of friends understand and maybe some other people. The rest would just be confused.   They were like this power couple in School, even the seniors in our school couldn't match them.  

They were "FIERCE"  yeah, that's another word I would use.  

They really liked each other.  And it kind of bothered me that he went straight for me after they broke up.  The very reasonable, functional part of me always tells me that he's using me to make Jo jealous.  Then the other stupid non functional part tells me to keep on falling in love with him. 

"Yeah sure I will. Bye." I replied and hung up.  I was feeling strange  after the call. 

Did he always have to mention her?! 

It made me look as if I was desperate or something. 

And funny enough Joan didn't seem bothered by everything, and it made me more uncomfortable.  I couldn't even stay and watch my favorite tv series, I started walking towards my room. 

"Jazz, where are you going to?" Joan asked. 

"Upstairs. Prince said I should greet you Jordan."

Immediately I said that Joan just turned her face towards the TV. I looked at her and I couldn't find any expression on her face, she was really good at hiding facial expressions but I knew deep down she wasn't really happy. 

There was tension in the atmosphere and everybody could feel it. 

"And you too Jo." I quickly climbed the staircase. 

"Well that was awkward." I heard Nadia say and Jordan started laughing like a maniac which made me rush quickly into my room. 

I just threw myself on my bed and sighed. 

I really had to get rid of these feelings. I don't even know if I'm supposed to feel guilty or not, but I was feeling guilty. It was as if I was betraying my own sister. 

I was lost in thoughts when the door opened.  I just prayed it wasn't Joan. 


Oh shit! 

I turned over to face her. I have to admit, it was kind of hard. 

"I've told you many times there's nothing wrong if you like him. I'm not offended."

"I know Jo, I just don't want to make you hate me."

She walked towards me and sat beside me, putting her hands around me. 

"I'm totally okay with everything you do... well not everything though, he likes you now and there's nothing changing that fact. I'm totally over him from the beginning, its not a big deal."

I just kept quiet. I didn't know what to say. 

"I'm always here for you." She finished and hugged me. 

Then we heard my mom's voice coming from downstairs,  and we went downstairs to welcome her. 

"Welcome mommy." I and Jo greeted in unison. 

"Thank you my babies."

"How is dad?" I asked. 

"He's fine. The doctor said he may be discharged on Monday if they keep seeing improvement." 

My mom looked really tired and sad. My dad has a kidney infection  and it was really bad. He has been in the hospital since the beginning of this month and it really affected my mom. I hated seeing her like this.  I walked over to her and hugged her. 

"He will get better mom. He'll come home." I said reassuring her. 

"Yes dear, he will. So I trust Nadia gave three of you a hard time."

"Ah, more than a hard time oh mommy." Jordan began ranting and saying all what Nadia told us to do and even what she didn't even tell us. 

Mom was just laughing all through. 

"Why are do all firstborn females act like pregnant women about to go into labor?" I asked. 

"Even worse. They act like Hitler on his period. Thank God he didn't have to  do whatever it is you females do." Jordan said and we all laughed. 

Later I and Joan started preparing our things for school the next while gisting and laughing our heads off. 

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