Back to School.

Jasmine's POV 

 It was a glorious Sunday morning in this house and I was ready to get back to school.....  To see my friends actually. 

"Morning Jo Jo." I greeted Joan who was already awake. 

"Morning to you too sister."

Then the door flung open to reveal Jordan grinning from ear to ear. 

Which kind mumu is this one na? (What kind of dumb person is he?) 

"And good morning to you my lovely sisters." 

"Can't you knock?" I asked him. 

"Yes, but I won't. Anyways I came to deliver a very important message from someone.... someone very important to both of you."

It better not be from Prince because things will get really awkward in a second. 

Jordan sat down on my bed. 

"Jordan please get out." Joan said.  Her mood was kind of changing and I didn't like it. 

"Yes please." I added. 

"Why?  You don't want to hear the message that Prince has for Jasmine?" 

Okay. This isn't funny anymore. 

I was about to talk back, but Joan beat me to it. 

"Whatever you want to say just say it now and get out."

"Ok.  Well........ I have no message!!!" 

I just stood there and my blood was seriously boiling.  You can see how stupid and insensitive my brother could be. But part of me was relieved that there was no message. 

I was just looking at him as he laughing like a maniac. 

"Oh my God, you should see your faces." He continued laughing. 

"Bros, get out." I said calmly. 

"Oya Oya Oya, I'm so..... "

"GET OUT!" I and Joan shouted in unison cutting him short.

He quickly scrambled out of our room. 

"My God!  Why do I have to be stuck with an imbecile like him?" 

Joan just laughed. 

"We're in this together Jazz." She said and we laughed. 

We quickly got ready for church, well we weren't staying for the whole church service. Just the Sunday school. 

My mom always made sure we attended Sunday school before we went back to school. 

We moved our things downstairs then the security man helped us put them into the car.  Then we we're off to church. 

We got to church few minutes later and got down from the car. 

"Ah Sister Andrietta good morning."  That was one of the Pastors in the church. 

"Good morning sir. How are the children and your wife?"

"They are fine, they are doing okay. How is our Brother?"  The pastor asked referring to my dad. 

"He's fine, the doctor said he may be discharged on Monday if they keep seeing improvement."

"That's good news. He will surely be discharged In Jesus Name."

"Amen. Thank you Pastor."

"Good morning sir." I and my siblings greeted. 

"Good morning my children, how are you?"

"Fine sir." 

"You are resuming school today right?"

"Yes sir."

"Ok ok. And I believe that our big madam here is in the university." He said referring to Nadia. 

"Yes sir."

"That's good. What level?" 

"200 level sir."

"Wow, that's good. Very soon we will be getting invitations for wedding."

We all laughed at what he said and I noticed Nadia's cheeks had gone bright red.  I was surprised then when I followed her eyes I saw what was making her blush. 

Arinze was coming towards us!

The tough Nadia was melting at the sight of Almighty Arinze. And no, he wasn't coming to meet us, he was coming to meet his father. The pastor! 

Tough mama is in love oh!

"Good morning ma." Arinze greeted my mom. 

"Arinze how are you?" 

"I'm fine ma, how is your husband?"

"He's fine thank you dear."

I turned to look at Nadia, but she wasn't there again. 

Shit!  This is crazy funny! 

Joan nudged me with her elbow and I turned to look at her and Jordan.  I knew what they were trying to tell me. 

Omo na teasing things on point. Let us finish sunday school first. (We're going to tease her all through) 

After all the greetings, we went into the church and went to our Sunday school class. 

After the sunday school, my childhood friends followed I and Joan into the ladies restroom, and we started our last gist before we would go back to school. 

"Ah, I'll miss both of you ohhh." Modupe said hugging both us. 

"Me too." Angela added. 

"Nobody to look for trouble with." Hillary said. 

"We'll come back soon, don't worry." Joan said hugging them. Then I joined in. 

"Mummy would be looking for us now oh."

We all exchange our last goodbyes and went to the car.  Joan nudged me again, Jordan got the signal and three of us turned to Nadia and started smiling like idiots. 

"What is wrong with three of you?  Someone cannot tell you something without you three behaving stupid."

Then we started laughing.   We teased her like no tomorrow. 

Our school is located in Ikeja and we live in Ajah, so the drive to school was a long one. But we left the house early, so we got there before it was late. 

   Hours later, we got to school.  My backside  was terribly sore from excessive sitting down. 

It was on fire! 

I got down from the car and stretched out. Then I heard a very high pitched scream. I opened my eyes and saw Stephanie running towards me with full speed. 


She hugged me so tight that i couldn't breathe. 

"She can't breathe oh Stephanie." Jordan announced. 

Immediately she released me and I regained my breath back.  

"Oh my God I'm so sorry. I missed you so much." She went to meet Joan. 

"If you try to kill me I'll kill you before you do so." Joan said and we laughed. 

Stephanie still hugged her anyway. 

"I missed all of you!" 

"Ouch, i'm hurt. Really!" 

We all rolled our eyes at what Jordan just said, then Stephanie hugged him. 

"Happy now?"

The idiot was just smiling like someone who had won a lottery. 

My God,  Jordan!  

Na woman ynash go kill this one! 

(It is a woman's backside that will kill him) 

We were interrupted by Sarah who was shouting our names from afar while running to meet us. 

"This girl has come with her madness again." Joan said rolling her eyes. 

"My babies!!" Sarah screamed hugging both of us tightly. 

"I missed all of you."

"Everybody missed everybody."

Stephanie Richman, the mama of the squad. This girl is big!  Funny and crazy too, the one who keeps every one happy. She's the social butterfly. Let me just say she's the positive one, And gist can never finish from her mouth. 

Sarah Okoye, tallest among us. This one is a mad woman on her own.  The girl is something else.  She's somewhat reserved and keeps to herself. But that doesn't mean she's quiet or rude. And when this girl begins to read, you'll be the one crying and begging her to stop.  

Bianca Iheanacho, she's an half-caste. Her dad is a Nigerian and her mom is a Canadian.   This girl is beautiful. You need to see the way some of our seniors look at her, like she's food or something.  She has a twin brother in our class and his name is David.  She's really smart.  And she's the fighter. As pretty as she is, she can really get violent and she almost got expelled because of her violent nature. 

Yuadoo Micheal, the girl with the strange name.  When I first heard her name I was seriously laughing, Infact the whole class was laughing. Well this one is the sarcastic one.  Her sarcasm is out of this world.  She's smart and she's a very calm person.  She has this I don't care attitude. 

Then Aisha Mohammed, this one is the brain among us. She's calmer than Yuadoo, Infact she's more than quiet.  She hardly talks, and she has this really pretty smile. Like mheen, even girl sef go dey trip.  (Even the girls would trip for her.) She's very observant and she's grandmother of the squad. 

Our mom came out of the school hall and told us to take our things into the hall for checking. 

Joan's POV

We got to school and after greeting my crazy friends I moved my things to the hall to get them checked. 

Hall B matron was the one checking my things.  As she was checking my eyes roamed about and unfortunately met his eyes. 

My heart skipped just a beat. It wasn't supposed to but it happened. I was over him already, he didn't have any effect on me. 

He made it clear he didn't like me anymore, that he likes Jasmine.  I don't still understand how. I just let him go. 

He was already looking before my eyes met his. 

Abeg, abeg, abeg. Not now na! (Please, please, please. Not now.) 

His eyes seemed to hold that same fire that was always there when we were together. 

One second his eyes held so much emotion, the next second they were gone. I quickly removed my eyes as he continued walking with his friends. Then I turned to look at Jasmine, she was already looking at me. 

I just gave her a small smile and faced the matron. 

I didn't want her to feel guilty for liking him.  I just wanted her to be herself.  I tried so much hiding my true emotions, I wanted to be angry but I couldn't be because nothing  was Jasmine's fault. She just had feelings, and he had it for her too. 

To be honest I was really angry and pained when we broke up. I almost went into depression. Its probably stupid to almost go into depression because of a common boy, but i have emotional problems. So don't judge me.  luckily for me no one noticed, except for Nadia though. I made her promise that she wouldn't tell anyone, not even Jasmine.  It would definitely break her to see me depressed.  

The matron finished checking my things and I started walking towards the hostel with my things 

"Jo."  I turned back to see Jasmine. 

I really didn't want to face her right now. 

"Jo, I can't do this if you're not ok with it. I can stop it if you Want."

"See Jasmine, I'm totally ok with it. Don't feel guilty on my account." I said and gave her a reassuring smile.  She smiled back and it made me happy. 

"Let me help you." She said and helped me carry my things upstairs. 

After much gisting, unpacking and welcoming of our friends, we went downstairs to greet everyone. 

I, Jasmine, Stephanie, Sarah, Bianca and Yuadoo walked into the hall to meet the rest of our classmates, the boys rather. 

"Ehhhh!!!  See them. The "sexy six" have arrived." Tamuno Williams announced. 

"mumu they are 7 not six. Aisha has not come yet." Prince replied.  He was really trying to avoid eye contact. 

"Guy no dey call me mumu na.  Yarinyan no dey here na." (Guy, do not call me a fool. Aisha isn't here.) Tamuno said.  He had given Aisha  a nickname, "yarinyan" meaning girl in Hausa where Aisha is from. 

We all went to sit with them. 

"Jazzjo, How far na?" (Jasmine and Joan how are you?) That was how he referred to I and Jasmine. 

"Abeg, don't even start." Jasmine said clearly getting irritated.  Jasmine couldn't just stand him. 

"Guy you too dey talk. Shut up abeg." (You talk too much. Keep quiet please.) That was Chibundu Justice. 

"Na your mouth."

(Is it your mouth?) 

"Its ok oh before you people start tearing each other's heads off." I said. 

"Which head are you talking about exactly?" Prince asked 

What the hell?!

The boys started laughing stupidly. I wasn't surprised that my very own brother was laughing too.  It was really hard to believe we shared the same womb. 

And of course the girls were just shaking their heads in disgust. 

I just looked at Prince with disbelief.  He just had to be soo perverted at this point.  I cringed when he said that and the fact that my whole body began tingling when he said it made me cringe even more. 

Joan you've totally lost it. 

"Guy, not here, not now. If you want to be stupid go somewhere else please." I said clearly annoyed.  His eyes held remorse or something like that, but it went away as quickly as it came. 

"See ehn, its too early for all these trash Prince, please be mature." Jasmine said.  She was disturbed by the whole scenario. 

I wanted to stand up and leave but Jasmine's hand held me in place. 

The stupid boys were still laughing like fools. 

"Will you guys just shut up?!" Bianca said loudly clearly irritated. 

Immediately they all stopped, but were still trying to hold in their laughter. 

Then the idiot apologized. 

I just kept quiet. I didn't say anything. 

Jasmine's POV

Prince decided to be so stupid again. 

I looked at my sister when he made that statement and she looked so shocked and irritated.  When she spoke there was so much anger in her voice, I think Jordan noticed it too because he stopped laughing.  Jordan is actually a very sensitive person. 

He was just being annoying this morning. 

I had to speak up too. I was so disturbed. 

Joan wanted to leave but I held her hand so she wouldn't leave. 

Then Bianca had to finally tell them to shut up.  Thankfully they did. 

"Sorry Jo." Prince finally apologized much to our surprise. 

The whole scenario just reminded me of the way they always argued when they were still dating. 

Joan just kept quiet. 

Stephanie, sensing the tension quickly brought up something that took our minds away from the whole drama. 

Joan's POV

Soon after we all forgot about the whole drama and it was time to go to our hostels.

I was the last girl to go into the hostel because the principal called me to assist him with some things before he left. 

When I was done, I started going to my hostel and unfortunately again I met him on the way.  He was stopping me from passing. 

I didn't just know what to do. 

"Excuse me, you're in the way." I said bluntly. 

"I'm not in your way, you're in my way." He was getting annoying. 

I'm not in the mood for all this. 

"See, I'm not in the mood for whatever you're doing. Just let me pass."

He just looked at me straight in the eye as if searching for my soul.  I was beginning to feel weak in the knees. 

No Jo. You're not supposed to feel this way! 

Get yourself together!

He was getting to close for me to be able to focus on my surroundings. I was losing it bit by bit and he knew that. He always knew when I was at my breaking point. 

He was now really really close now and the only thing I could think about was his smell and his lips on mine.  And maybe more. 

I couldn't move anywhere. I was trapped between him and the wall.  Then he put his hands on my waist and I quickly held that hand to prevent from going anywhere else. 

He just chuckled. He knew what he was doing. His laugh was one other thing I couldn't resist. 

"Prince...." That was the only thing that could come out of my mouth. I couldn't even think anymore.  I was really weak. 

"Are you trying to say something J?" 

Oh my God! I was loosing my mind fast! 

He successfully snaked his hand around my waist and pulled me closer. Then he used his other hand to tilt my chin up a little. 

His eyes held that familiar darkness it always held when we were this close. 

He finally kissed me!  And fireworks were going on in my head and my whole body. 

I let out a small moan. 

"God, J!"  He pressed me harder to him and kissed me more. 

Okay. This meant he was really very turned on. And i could feel it. 

But it also had its disadvantages because being aware of the fact that he was turned on, made me even more turned on than I was. 

I couldn't just think of anything else. He was like drug and I was addicted.  I wasn't supposed to be doing this at all. 

He left my mouth and moved to my neck, and I tilted my head to the side to give him more access.  Again I couldn't help the series of moans that came out of my stupid mouth. 

My hands were just on both of his arms, and as moved his hands all over,  I felt his muscles twitching.  I knew where this was leading or rather where it always led to and I didn't want it to go far. 

My whole body was on fire.  

This happened everytime while we were still dating, and i was supposed to be used to it. But each time we were like this it was just always new, so exciting. I couldn't explain it. 

His mouth went back to my lips, then he raised my left leg to his side. Why was I letting this happen? Jasmine likes him. 

The whole school knows that he likes her too. Infact the whole school knows they like each other.  I couldn't just betray my own sister.  Who am I kidding?  I had already betrayed her by making out with him.

I have to stop this now! 

"Prince, stop. Please." I said with all the strength I could gather. 

He continued his sweet assault on me. 

God, it feels soo damn good! 

"Prince I'm serious. Stop." And immediately he stopped. 

"What?" He asked. He looked as if he was confused.  

Hell yeah he is!  Thanks to your irresistible body and lips! 

I pushed him away from me slowly. 

"Jasmine." I said in what I could call a whisper. 

Anger was the next thing I saw in his face. 

Anger, disappointment and pain. 

It wasn't my fault though. He was the one who chose to break up with me and move on with my sister. 

"I get. We shouldn't be doing this because I'm with her." He said clearly frustrated. 

"Yes." I just said. We stood there in silence for what seemed like a decade. 

"I should get going now." I was about to go when he dragged me back. 

"I'm sorry J." He said then kissed me again but this time, it was like he was pouring out his anger and pain through the kiss and I could feel it. 

Then he let me go. He quickly dashed to his hostel. 

That was so intense! 

I wanted to cry at that point.  I missed him. I missed everything. Every single damn thing! 

I didn't just understand why he ended things. 

I was strong. Everyone knew that. Jasmine knew that. She once told me that the way I behaved after we broke up was as if our relationship was just a fling. She wasn't the only one who told me that. Many people told me. And I needed it to stay that way.  I didn't want them to know.  

But he knew. When it came to him, he knew I was weak. Very weak.  

The only person apart from him who knew this was Nadia.  We had that same strong woman personality. 

The worse part is trying to act like I don't care when he's there. It really eats me up. 

I arranged myself and went to my hostel. 

I locked the door once I got in and went straight to my room where my friends were already giving themselves holiday gist. 

"Jo where have you been?" Yuadoo asked. 

Secretly making out with my dear sister's  love and my ex under the staircase! 

"I was helping Principal in his office." I replied.  I wasn't lying. 

"Why do you smell like Prince?"

My heart missed a beat at that question. 

I didn't even realized his perfume would be on me after how intimate we had been. 

I stylishly looked at Jasmine who was seriously looking at me. 


"Principal uses the same type of his perfume." Well I lied and told the truth at the same time. 

Our Principal does use his type of perfume. 

They looked as if they weren't buying the lie.

I am doomed! 

"Its true sha. I noticed it and how he used to spray it in his office like an air freshener." Sarah finally said. 

I went to my bed which was beside Jasmine's own. 

"I know what you're thinking. I didn't see him. Ok?" I told her

She just kept looking at me. 

"Jasmine!" I called her. 

"See how you're killing your sister Jazz, she said she didn't see him na." Stephanie said backing me up. 

I was getting worried that she didn't believe me. 

Then she started laughing. 

I just looked confused. 

"Why are you laughing now?" I asked clearly confused. 

"See your face. You look as if you want to pee on yourself."

I was so relieved. 

"Jazz abeg don't do that again, I beg you."

All of them just started laughing with her. 

I just shook my head and climbed my bed which was the upper bunk, after changing into my nightwear. Jasmine stayed on the upper bunk too. 

We were deeply engrossed in our gist that we didn't notice the "almighty Mary and her stupid minion, Jackie walked in.  Jackie is a Ghanaian girl. 

She cleared her throat the first time but we pretended not to notice. 

Then she annoyingly did it again and we stopped to look at her. 

"Madam, what do you want?" Bianca asked. 

"I finally have your attention." She said being the arrogant bitch she is.

"Anyways I just wanted to greet my fellow girls and classmates, after the long wonderful holiday." She finished and I just wanted to wipe that stupid smile off her face. She just looked disgusting right now. 

"Ehn, you have greeted Oya you can go now." Jasmine said. 

"Ah ah now. You're chasing me away. I haven't told you what I've been up to this holiday now."

"And who cares?" I asked. I was getting irritated already. 

The idiot just walked to our middle and started releasing crap from her mouth.

"Well......  I got a visit from Prince this holiday and it was a really pleasant visit, we went out together and we really enjoyed ourselves. Not forgetting that we might have gotten a little.... You know."  She said laughed her stupid laughter. 

My eyes actually almost popped out of my  head after she said that. 

There was no way Prince would lower himself to her level. No way! 

"Mother Mary if you're done with your stupid news just get out.  Infact I'm not going to wait for you to finish. Get out!" Jasmine told her getting down from her bed about to get physical. 

I had to quickly call her to order. 

"Jazz, don't. She's not worth it."

"Awwwwn, sisters who are in love with the same boy. How pathetic.  See you, taking your own sister's  boyfriend. And you're not ashamed of yourself. And you, you just allowed your dear boyfriend go, just like that. Not even without a fight."

Ok, that's it! 

"Listen to me whatever you call yourself.  Whatever is happening now, is non of your business. She's my sister and whatever we do or she does is non of your business. 

And you should be really worried about this slut you call your best friend or whatever. Who knows whether she's not sleeping around with your almighty boyfriend. Well its non of my business either.  And you madam, you came from another country to useless yourself. I know  people from your country to be cultured and behaved, but you just decided to be stupid and useless. Even in another man's country. I don't blame both of you. Its those worthless senior boys that are giving you morale. Rubbish!"  And after my whole speech they couldn't say anything again. 

"Abeg close your mouth flies are entering this room already." Sarah added moving her hands around to chase away a fly that entered our room. 

"Go please." Bianca said getting down from her bed. 

"It just started oh. It just started. I'll make sure you regret your stay in this school." Mary said and angrily left our room. 

We all burst into laughter at what just happened then we continued our gisting, but it didn't last for long because our matron came to chase Sarah and Yuadoo to their rooms. 

I just layed on my bed and my mind went back to Prince and what happened between us today. 

How did I even fall for him? 

We were sworn enemies right from Jss1 second term. We just hated each other. 

He came into the school in Jss1 second term and started acting like this super boy. As if he was in charge. He bullied his own classmate especially my sister. And when I found out what he was doing to Jasmine I confronted him and hated him. 

The whole school knew Joan and Prince didn't agree at all. 

Then all of a sudden in Jss2  he started picking on me and it was so unbearable. 

The principal suspended both of us once because of our trouble. 

The one day in Ss1, everyone is saying Joan is dating Prince.  Sincerely, I still didn't know how we went from enemies to lovers. 

Even while we were dating we still behaved like people who hated each other. We didn't talk to each other often and we always argued.  All that one was just dress rehearsal, because once we were together alone, you won't believe it was Prince and Joan together. 

Once Jasmine was looking for his number on my phone to call him and look for my trouble and she couldn't find it. She was so surprised.  I didn't save his number. I already had it engraved in my brain. 

It was later I saved it so I'll would be able to chat with him. I just saved it with Chukwuka, his surname. And that was the way I saved any other person's name in our class on my phone ex cept my siblings and my best friends and my parents and other family members. 

It was really hard to believe that we really had feelings for each other. Jasmine and Jordan did, but my friends kind of had doubts. 

Whatever. The whole relationship wasn't bound to last anyway. 

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