Jasmine's POV 

The loud voice of our Matron, Mrs Ola woke me up. 

"Oya everybody up!  Get up, get up!"

This woman's voice is as loud as a megaphone. 

In a school with a population of one thousand students or so she could speak without a P. A system when on the assembly. 

And of all halls to put her it had to be hall D. 

The girls and boys hostel had different halls where the boarders stayed. The boys called their own Chamber abi cell. Wo, that was their business. Cell ko, cell ni. They were just trying to be tough. 

Hall A is for the all Jss1 students and a few Jss2 students. 

Hall B is for the remaining jss2 and jss3 students. Those devil incarnates. These students are something else. 

Hall C is mixed up. Only ss2 and 3 students that are not in that hall. Mainly new students stayed in hall c. 

Hall D is for the ss2 students and majority of the ss1 students. 

Then the sacred Hall E, for the ss3 girls. And they had no matron. I wonder why we still even had. 

Not everybody stayed where they were supposed to stay.  Its either some decided to ne stubborn and leave their original rooms or the matron moved some.  Sarah and Stephanie were moved my the matron to hall C because of the new students and some old students who were misbehaving. 

Jackie and Mary stayed in the senior girls hall, because the seniors wanted them to stay. And the stupid excuse will always be, "because we really like you two." 


Big one! 

They were probably using them.  The things going in on in ss3 class ehn! 

My mouth cannot say it. 

And those two human beings are fully part of it. 

The girls in my hall had woken up and greeted the matron and now it was time for morning prayers. 

"Mama Benue. Lead us in today's prayer." She was talking to Yuadoo.  She's a Benue girl. Mrs Ola couldn't pronounce her name so she just gave her mama Benue. 

Yuadoo is a really good singer.  I could kill for her voice. I always tell her that.  She led us in a wonderful praise and worship session, then she led us in prayers. Once she was done, the matron gave us a short morning sermon. 

"Isi ewu, after Lolade go and have your bath." 

As I said, Mrs Ola is really good at giving nicknames that actually fits you, your personality or your appearance.

Isi ewu means "goat head" or "head of goat" anyone you choose

The girl she called Isi ewu is actually named Isioma but she is very stubborn.  She is as stubborn as a goat. 

"M... Mrs Ola my name is not Isi ewu oh. Abeg."

Before I forget, there are some slangs that are not to be used anyhow in Nigeria, even if the meaning is polite or non insultive.  Like this word "abeg".  It actually means please.  But using the slang anyhow, especially if you are talking to your elder and you just use it anyhow, its a sign of disrespect. To them. 

But as I said, Isioma has the stubbornness of a herd of goats. 

"Shut up!  Ni jo wo lo bi e?  I can call you Isi ewu and there is nothing you can do.  and next time I call you, te ba bi e da, ma dahun.  


(When did your parents give birth to you? 

If your parents give birth to you properly, don't answer me. Rubbish.) 

She was clearly confused. 

M.... Ma i..... don't understand what you said oh." She grumbled. 

"Shebi You are doing yoruba? "

"Y.... yes ma."

"Ask your Oluko." 

Everyone erupted into laughter and the girl looked like she wanted to cry. 

"Wo bo se n gbe omi kakiri."(see how you're carrying water everywhere) 

"I'll clean it ma." Lolade said 

Mrs Ola always spoke to Lolade in Yoruba language because her parents are Yoruba people and Lolade's dad and Mrs Ola are from the same state and village.  So she was like Mrs Ola's personal person and lab rat. 

We all did our hostel chores and got ready for school. 

Assembly was over as soon as it started and everyone moved to their various classes. 

"God should just help us his term oh."  I told Yuadoo as we entered the class. 

"Abi, see the way things are already looking, how will the rest of the term be like? This term should just go smoothly." Yuadoo agreed. 

"Dodo and Jazz. How far now?" (Yuadoo and Jasmine, how have you been?) 

"Ike please this is a new term for God sake and my name is not dodo." Yuadoo said getting irritated. 

Did I forget to mention one very annoying human being. 

Ikechukwu Dapo. 

He calls himself "Ikedaps"  only God knows what kind of name that is. Or Iyke after the popular Nigerian actor, Jim Iyke. 

You might be wondering how he would have an Igbo name and a Yoruba surname. 

Quite simple! 

His father is Yoruba and his mother is Igbo. People tend to get confused a lot. 

"Ehn. You chill now. Fine girls like you are not supposed to be stressing now." He said licking his  lips.  As irritating as he is, his lips are actually very pink and soft from just looking at them.  How would someone as annoying as him be blessed with such fine lips? 

"Abeg I don't have your time. Go and meet your concubines, they'll probably have your time." She was referring to Mary and Jackie.  They are truly his concubines. They did all sorts of rubbish together. And to make things more irritating, he is part of My brother's Group of friends. 

The kind of friends that boy keeps ehn! 

Gladly, Bianca came to our rescue, and the idiot left us alone. 

"Pig headed fool." Yuadoo said as she walked to her seat. 

When the class had settled down, our Principal entered the class to take a roll call because according to him he didn't trust our class teachers enough. 

"I am just coming from the other class and I discovered that some students have not resumed. Does anyone know why?" Again, this man was famous for asking really stupid questions. 

How the hell are we supposed to know why they have not resumed? 

Trust Nigerian students now. Some of them were already giving stupid but hilarious replies, and the whole class was laughing. 

"As responsible students and good classmates, you all are supposed to know how your classmates are fairing." 

I'm pretty sure he didn't care about the students in the school. His own is just to collect salary at the end of the month. 

"WILL YOU ALL KEEP QUIET?!  let me do this roll call and get out of here!  I have things to do. Nonsense!"  Some students were trying to hold in their laughter. 

He did the roll call and then left the class. 

The teachers came, taught and left, then it was time for break. Some students had either gone to buy what they would eat or were already eating. 

I was just sitting there. I wasn't really hungry. 

"Aren't you going to get something to eat?" I turned and I saw Prince sitting beside me and my heartbeat quickened. 

"No, I'm not hungry." 

"Ok, if you say so beautiful." He said and pecked me. I was actually expecting it on my cheek but it landed on my lips. 

I blushed so hard, you could even see the red on my face through my light complexion. 

"You're so cute when you blush." 

I blushed even more! 

"I know that." I said still smiling like an idiot. 

God!  I'm pathetic! 

We started talking until a Junior student came to the class to inform me that a teacher needed me. 

"I'm coming back." I told Prince as I stood up. 

Of course you are idiot!  Are you going forever? 

He pulled me back and kissed me this time, but it was a quick one. 

Someone catch me quick, I'm falling! 

I smiled again and started walking out of the class.  Mary was coming in and she was holding something. I didn't really pay attention to what she was holding. 

Then she bumped into me and the contents of what she was holding spilled on my body and part of it entered my mouth. 

Fear gripped me in an instant and I started panicking. 

One word was in my mind, I didn't even know I was saying it out loud. 


I have an allergy to milk and its a very bad and serious one.  The doctors called it one complicated name like this. 

I looked at my skin, it was already itching and rashes were appearing. 

I looked at Mary through the dizziness that was already building up and I can swear that I saw a smile on her face. 

She did it on purpose! 

My chest was getting tighter, my heartbeat quickened, I was getting light headed, my breath was coming in gasps, a feeling of nausea took over and I just wanted to vomit all my internal organs out. It felt like doom. 

I was doomed! 

I was totally scared and panicking. 

I started coughing and I clutched my chest. I stumbled back and used my hand to support myself on a table nearby. 

My vision was getting blurry,  then I suddenly felt two hands holding me as I lost my balance. I was loosing consciousness

"Jasmine!  Jasmine!  Can you hear me?  Jasmine! " was that Prince or Jordan? 

I couldn't even process the voices anymore. 

With all the voices, my head felt like it was going to explode. 

Everything was fading and the last face I saw for that period was his face. 


Then I blacked out.

Bianca's POV 

I walked into the class and I saw Jasmine holding her chest and gasping for breath. 

Almost at the same time, I, Prince, Jordan and Luca rushed to her side. 

I initially saw Mary holding a sachet of milk and she had this satisfied look on her face for a moment than she started acting that her stupid drama like she was concerned 

I asked her brother for whatever they always gave her when this was happening and he said it was with the school nurse. 

It was happening again.  The last time this happened, she missed school for 2 or 3 weeks.  She had this serious allergy to milk. 

They quickly rushed her to the sickbay then I faced the devil herself. 

"You this fool!" I said and gave her a dirty and hard slap.  She placed her hand on her cheek, looking shocked. 

I wasn't done yet.  I slapped her again, then she dragged my hair. 

That is one thing I hate with my life, someone touching my hair and even dragging It. 

My anger doubled. I started raining punches on her and she was using her nails to scratch me all over.  I still kept punching her.  Until two male teachers and the senior boys came to separate us. 

A stupid senior boy held me and decided to take advantage of the situation. 

"Leave me alone!  Would you get your hands off me?" I yelled and I freed myself from his grasp. 

I looked at her and I smiled, but I still wanted to beat her to a pulp. 

Her shirt was torn, her hair was scattered and her hands were on her face.  Her nose was bleeding. 

I looked at my body, scratch marks were all over and blood was oozing out of it.  My whole body was red due to the fact that i'm really light skinned. She used her stupid fingernails to inflict injuries on me. 

We were taken to the Principal's office, where our fate would be decided. 

Joan's POV 

I was had just finished Financial accounting class in the hall downstairs and i went upstairs to my class but the noise and the number of students i met in the corridor was just too much. 

What happened again? 

"If you see the way senior Bianca beat senior Mary ehn."

"I saw senior Jordan and senior Luca carry senior jasmine out of the class."

"Senior Jasmine just fainted like that oh!" 

Those were the words floating in the the air and I was confused. 

Jasmine? Bianca?  Mary?  Fainted?  Fight?  Sickbay? 

I decided to call a junior nearby. 

"You, come here." The boy ran to my direction. 

"What happened?" I asked him. 

"I only saw when senior Jordan, senior Luca and senior Prince were carrying senior Jasmine and senior Sarah and that senior that has long hair followed them too."

I tried to put everything into place but I was still confused. 

"Continue." I told the boy because he stopped. 

"Then senior Bianca and senior Mary started fighting. 

"You can  go." I told the boy. 

I didn't still understand, then I heard my name. 

"J, J"  It was Prince calling me. 

"What is going on?  How did she faint?  What is happening sef?" i asked him. 

Prince just held my arms. 

"See, I don't know whether it was accidentally or on purpose but Mary spilled milk on jasmine."

Milk!  On Jasmine! 

My breath quickened 

I freed myself and walked angrily to the class.  I looked for Mary but she wasn't there, luckily for me, i saw her minion Jackie. 

I walked towards her and gave her a dirty slap.  She just looked confused and started shouting,  saying absolute nonsense. I slapped her again and she stumbled backwards.  My breathing was getting heavy. I was already having an attack. I took my inhaler from my pocket  and used it then I put it back.

I slapped her again. I was really seeing red. I was super pissed off. 

I heard Prince shouting at me to stop. 


I didn't listen. I heard Stephanie shouting my name too and trying to get into our middle, and Chibundu shouting at the juniors to leave. 

I was about to slap her again, when a hand held mine and I so wanted to lash out at the person who stopped me.  I turned and saw Prince I started struggling with him and shouting. 

"LEAVE ME ALONE!!  LEAVE ME!!" I struggled with him until I finally stopped. I rested on his chest and I started crying. I was coughing and gasping for breath at the same time. 

My airways were closing gradually. 

I was loosing consciousness and whoever put my inhaler into my mouth, was pressing it continuously.  

Someone else was calling my name and tapping me on my cheek, probably to keep me awake. 

I looked at his face and I saw tears. 


They took me to the sickbay then I lost consciousness.

Prince's POV 

Everything happened in a blur. 

One second, I was rushing Jasmine to the sickbay, and another I was holding Joan in my arms. 

I saw her on the corridor.  She asked me what was happening and them I told her. 

She got really angry, and she went into the class 

I followed her and she started slapping Jackie hard and seriously.  I had to stop her from doing worse. Stephanie tried to get in their middle and Chibundu was shouting at everyone who was in the corridor. 

She struggled and shouted for me to leave her alone but after a while she stopped and she started crying. She was coughing and gasping for breath.  

Fear gripped me. 

I hated it when she had an attack. It weakened me seriously. 

I brought out her inhaler and forced it into her mouth. I just kept on pressing it so It would ease everything. 

Tears were blurring my vision. I was crying as I called her name. Stephanie kept tapping her and calling her name too to keep her conscious then we took her to the sickbay. 

The school nurse only allowed Stephanie to stay, and told I and Chibundu to leave. 

I badly wanted to stay with her till she woke up. Chibundu just held me and comforted me. 

Second day of school and things were going this way. 

Bianca's POV 

The Principal was just sitting there blabbing nonsense and shouting. 

And Mary was being stupidly pathetic, shedding stupid crocodile tears for only God knows who. 

Our Principal blamed her for being ignorant because he announced her condition to the whole class, he told the cooks to prepare her food separately, he ordered the lady in the tuck shop to buy other snacks that didn't contain milk. He did everything possible to make sure it didn't happen again. So there was no excuse for Mary. 

The last time this happened, Jasmine's father was really angry when he came to the school. He wanted to withdraw her from the school and hand our Principal over to the police.  He told the Principal about her condition, but only God knows why he didn't take it serious.  

He shouted at me too, saying that I shouldn't have taken laws into my own hands.  I didn't just say anything. 

  Stupid man with his borrowed grammar! 

"You both will receive your punishment tomorrow on the assembly ground."

With that, he sent us to the sickbay so the nurse would tend our injuries. 

Our sickbay is well equipped and you could even compare it to a hospital emergency ward.

We entered the sickbay and I saw Joan lying unconscious with a oxygen mask on her nose while Stephanie was sitting on a chair. 

I was confused.

"What happened?" I asked Stephanie. 

"She had an attack."


Stephanie explained all what happened to me. 

I actually laughed when she told me the part about Jo slapping Jackie. 

They both deserved it. 

Mary left the sickbay and I stayed with Stephanie and Joan for a while then I went back to class. 

When I entered the class, I went straight to Mary. 

"Its God that saved you today. If not, I go beat you sotey you no go fit look yourself for mirror again in your entire mumu life. Rubbish." (I would have beaten you up to the extent that you wouldn't be able to look at yourself in a mirror again in your stupid life.)  And of course she couldn't say anything again. 

I went to my seat and my classmates were asking me questions. 

Few minutes later, Stephanie walked into the class with Joan. 

She looked pale. 

She sat down on her seat which was beside me. 

"Ehh, nobody should disturb her oh.  And open the windows well let fresh air enter."

The school nurse said as she gave Joan a pack of drug. 

"Don't disturb her oh." The woman said and left. 

I put my hand around her and smiled. 

"Jo, jo. My first love." I teased her. 

"Stop jor." She said and she smiled weakly. 

Prince was already beside her holding her hands and cheering her up. 

These two looked cute together. I still wonder how and why they broke up. 

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