Luca's POV

I couldn't get my mind off what happened to Jasmine yesterday.

It still seriously bothered me.

And the last person I want to see right now is Prince.

My hatred for that boy is on another level.

Knowing that he doesn't really like her, he's just using her as a distraction.

I couldn't even really concentrate in class, at a point I took excuse from the teacher and left the class.

I went straight to the library, knowing that nobody would be there and the librarian is not around. I can easily talk to the library prefect to let me stay.

"Tayo, abeg I wan just stay here for sometime. I go leave later." I said to Tayo once I sighted him in the library. He was doing his daily library routine.

"See your face, wetin do you?" He asked, putting down a carton filled with books.

"The class is boring. I just need to retain my sanity."

"No problem. I can totally relate too. You can stay."

"Thanks bro." I said patting his back and walked to the back of the library to sit.

The images of Jasmine gasping for breath kept flashing in my head. The last time this happened, I had a panic attack.

At that point I decided to go to the school's hospital to see her. A risky choice though but I have to do it.

"Tayo, thanks so much."

"No problem guy. Anytime." Tayo replied and I left the library to the school hospital.

I had to pass the back of the school to avoid being caught. The hospital is in the next compound to the school and there is a small black gate linking the two compounds and a security guy guarding the gate, but luckily for me I roll with almost all the non teaching staffs in the school and the seniors too, so I talked to the security guy and he granted me passage.

I walked into the hospital compound and walked to the entrance of a big white building with "Elite Hospital" boldly written on the front top of the building.

My cousin works here so I have no problem getting in.

I walked into the building and went to the receptionist, who was talking with a woman. I stood by the side and waited.

The hospital isn't only for the students, its just like a normal hospital but the school owns it, that's why people were going in and out of the hospital.

I looked round and saw different people sitting and waiting. I don't even want to know what their condition is.

I looked towards the receptionist and she was done talking to the woman, I went to meet her.

"Good morning ma." I greeted.

"Good morning, how can I help you?"

"I need to see Doctor Richie. He asked me to see him this morning."

"You have an appointment with him?"

"Not really, he just told me to see him."

"Your name please?"

"Luca Orji."

As I said my name, the lady's face changed.


"Yes ma." I guess the surname sounded familiar to her. And yeah it does.

"Are you related to Dr Richie?"

"Yes, he's my cousin."

Her face was full of surprise as she opened her mouth to exclaim.

"Oh, you're his cousin?"

"Yes ma."

"Wow, that's good. Let me call him." She said with a smile as she picked up the telephone close to her and dialed a number.

The phone rang for some seconds before, he picked.

"Hello Doctor Richie, someone wants to see you."

He must have asked who the person is because the lady mentioned my name.

"Luca Orji sir............ Ok sir." She said and dropped the phone.

"You can go."

"Thank You ma." I said and started walking down the hallway.

I sighted a staircase on my left and I climbed it. I met young looking doctors on my way and I greeted them. They didn't question me because they already know who I am.

I got to my cousins office. On the brown door was a tag which read, "Dr Richie Orji."

I knocked and walked in. The cold air in his office welcomed me.

"aren't you supposed to be in school?" He asked balanced in his chair.

"class is boring." I replied and sat on a chair.

"I can see you're busy." I said. There were a lot of files and paper on his table.

"Not really. How's school?"

"School is good. Its just that its not starting out well for me."

"How?" He asked leaning forward.

"Well, you know that girl I told you about?"

"That Jasmine girl that you like?" Richie asked wiggling his eyebrows and giving me that smile.

"Richie not now please." I told him. I'm definitely not ready for his jokes today.

"Ok, ok. Sorry and continue."

"she has a serious allergic reaction to milk and unfortunately yesterday someone spilled milk on her."

"Accidentally or on purpose?"

"Well... If it was another person who spilled the milk, we'll say it was accidental but in this case, we'll say on purpose."

Richie started laughing.

"That Mary girl abi?"

Richie knows everything about my school life because I tell him everything. We're very close.

"Yes. I don't even know whether the girl can see. She's just soooo stupid and annoying. I swear I was seriously angry yesterday."

"So what do you want?"

"She's here and I want to see her."

"Hmmm, Luca. I thought you guys broke up."

"God Richie, the fact that we broke up doesn't mean I don't like her."

He started laughing again.

"Ok, let me just make a call.". He picked up the telephone and dialed a number.

"What's her full name?" He asked before the person picked.

"Jasmine David." I answered.

The person on the other line picked up.

"Hello Thompson, was there any Jasmine David brought in here yesterday?........... Ok thanks."

"Ok let's go cuz." He said and I stood and followed him.


He took me to a ward, which has three beds in i. The beds were empty except for one, and Jasmine was on it.

I walked quickly to her side, she was sleeping. She looked so pale and I felt sad again.

Richie walked over and took her file which was on the table beside her bed.

"Hmmmm... " he exclaimed as he flipped through her file.


"What's that?" I asked looking at him.

"Its a serious allergic reaction which affects her respiratory system."

"Its that serious!?"

"Yes and once the attack is not noticed and treated on time, it can lead to death."


My heart skipped when I heard that word.

I can't just imagine how I would feel if she died. I can't even think of her dying.

"Thank God she had an epi pen with her."

"What's that again?"

"Its an injection which helps subdue the reaction."

I looked at her again, she looked so peaceful, yet pale and beautiful.

I took her hand and held it gently.

Then she stirred, which means she's waking up.

Oh the joy!

"Jasmine, Jasmine." I called her name, then she opened her eyes and looked around before looking at me.

"Luca...." She called me in a weak voice and I felt so happy.

"Yes Jasmine. Its me, Luca."

"Luca...." She called again. Then all of a sudden her eyes opened wide and she quickly tried to sit up, removing her hands from mine.

"Luca! What are you doing here?"

Oh boy!

"I came to check up on you." I said taking her hand again.

"Don't touch me!" She said smacking my hand away.

Oh my God!

I didn't know what to do now.

"I'll excuse both of you. Luca please do not stress her ok? She needs rest. Don't talk about anything that would stress her. How are you feeling?" My cousin asked her.

"I'm fine, I'm still feeling dizzy and I have a little headache." She replied him.

"Ok, let me just add something to this now, so you'll feel better." He walked over to where the drip was hung and injected a clear liquid into the drip bag.

"You'll feel better soon." He told her and smiled.

She just nodded her head

"No disturbance and don't stress her." He said and he walked out.

I faced her again. She clearly doesn't want me here.

"Jasmine are you okay?"

"I'm fine and you haven't answered my question. What are you doing here?"

"I came to see you. I was worried about you Jasmine."

"Why are you worried about me? You know what, I don't have the strength to talk to you right now. You heard the doctor, do not disturb me. "

This is definitely going to take a while!

"Jasmine Please stop being hostile towards me."

"What are you doing here? You shouldn't be here. How did you even manage to leave the school compound? Who even allowed you in here?" She asked sitting up properly then she winced holding her head.

"Easy. One question at a time." I said holding her and she quickly moved away.

"Do not touch me."

"I know people." I told her and she just rolled her eyes.

I decided to tease her a little even if she'll butcher me with her words.


"Oh God, please Luca do not call me that name again."

I just chuckled.

"You're being feisty today Princess." I said with a side smile.

Hmmmm, I'm feeling bold today.

And as expected, she gave me a deadly glare.

I laughed again to piss her off a little.

"You're here to make my condition worse. I know that."

"I doubt that. But seriously Princess, why are you giving me this attitude?"

"What attitude?"

"This attitude Princess, you ignore me, you talk to me in a rude manner and you push me away."

"How else do you expect me to behave? for God's sake Luca you don't own me!"

"I'm serious Princess. even if we're not together you should at least you should cut me some slack! Be nice!" I said getting frustrated.

Her stubbornness can drive you over the edge. But its hot though!

"Finally! Thank God, you've finally accepted the fact that we are no longer together. And how I act towards you is none of your business."

"I just came here to check up on you, and since I've done that, I should leave." I said standing up to leave.

I was expecting her to call me back and apologize or something but it didn't happen.

Not even a word.

And it hurt. Really bad!

I didn't go back to see Richie, I just went back to school and went straight to the sickbay to lay down after convincing the nurse that I have a headache.

Everything is all my fault. I caused this.

I shouldn't have jumped into conclusion, I shouldn't have assumed.

The way she talked to me, even her attitude is really heart breaking.

And the fact that she went for Prince.........

Prince doesn't even like her! He's just using her. She's being used and she doesn't even know.


I closed my eyes and slept off.

Jasmine's POV

I felt someone holding my hands then I heard voices and I opened my eyes slightly .


I immediately closed them because they hurt badly.

I opened them slightly again when I felt that my eyes had adjusted to the brightness of the room, and I saw his face.

"Luca...." I called his name weakly and he kept on calling my name.

I called him again. Then it registered.

Jazz, this is the guy you hate!


"Luca! What are you doing here?" I quickly removed my hands from his and tried to sit up.

I was so shocked that he was here. Like what is he even doing here?

I saw a male doctor standing in front of me.

Who is this?

Luca kept calling my name annoyingly then the doctor spoke, telling him not to disturb me.


He asked how I was doing then he injected something into the drip bag above me.

He said it would reduce the headache and make me feel better.

He warned Luca for the last time then left.

Oh God! Now I'm stuck with this doofus!

I didn't even want to talk to him at all and he made things worse by calling me Princess.

He started questioning my attitude, asking me why I was being rude to him.

I have every right to. We are no longer together, so why the hell is he talking to me like we are dating?

I was irritated right now, acting like he owns me.

He finally got tired and left.

I wanted to say something but I couldn't. Nothing came out of my mouth.

I kind of felt bad. Maybe I was being a little too harsh on him.

Nah! He totally deserves it!

Next time he won't jump into conclusion or assume stupid things.

After all, that is what got him into this mess.

The pain came back suddenly.

Thank you very much Luca!

I layed down back on the bed and slept off.

The drip is really working!

Few minutes later, I received two special visitors and I was overwhelmed with happiness.

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