Author: Joy Naya




   I had the excitement of a child whose mother just returned from a long travel, the reason behind it wasn't far fetched: I was finally going to be a young billionaire without struggles unless, off course  getting Mr Amadi's signature was considered one. 

 "Nelly" I called out to my personal assistant

"Yes ma"

" You are sure he said he wanted to meet with me in person?"

"yes ma."

"And that is the only condition he gave for signing?" I further queried, grinning from ear to ear.

"That is all he requested, he read the contract and found it too appealing to resist. I'm certain meeting you is just a formality, perhaps he wants to know Nigeria's youngest female billionaire."

"You are right, I mean, who wouldn't want to know me." 

I could just imagine how well planned my life was. A signature from Mr Amadi, a sealed contract worth billions, paparazzi trying to capture my face, media writing about my success story. I found myself fortunate to be the first daughter of Mr Adelana. 

Looking at my life now, one would think it has always been this perfect, but honestly I don't remember my life being this good, at least not since when my dad got himself a Greek mistress. Somehow, her existence had destroyed everything my mum and dad had struggled to build overtime. 

"Nelly, how do I look?" I asked my Personal assistant, though, I knew what her response would be. 

"You look great as always ma."

"Thanks Nelly. You are so sweet even though that's the only compliment you know how to give me." I laughed as I teased her about her compliment that never seemed to change.  

Asking Nelly about my appearance was just a means to get my thoughts off my dad and his mistress. 

"What are you waiting for to get in the car?" I questioned Nelly. Having settled comfortably in my car, I noticed her reluctance to do same.

"Ma, he insisted you come alone."


"Yes ma."

"Is he crazy or what? Why would he insist to see just me."

"Looking at his ridiculous demands before signing a contract that would favour not just our company but his as well, one can say he is indeed insane."

I laughed out  loud at her response. Aside Nelly's astuteness at organizing my business, she was also good at making me laugh over what could otherwise pose as a discomforting situation. I could say she was a friend, and a good one at that, and I wasn't going to embark on this life alternating journey without a good friend.

"Hop in, I will go in alone while you wait in the car, okay?"

"Yes ma." She said and got in. 

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