Chapter Fourty One


"Babe are you ready now?" Gregory ask me while he tries to keep himself busy with the magazine on my puff in my sitting room.

"I will be in a minute." I yell out in response to him, from my bedroom.

For the past one month we had been together, Gregory Malik had been nothing but loving and affectionate towards me. He had proven Nelly wrong and even she was beginning to like the idea of me being in a relationship with Gregory. I was really enjoying this alter ego, and one beautiful thing about this new  side of him was the fact that he was completely selfless and quite obsessed with me. He had gone ahead to involve himself in everything regarding my life including my business too, and though initially I had felt it was an invasion of my private space but I soon came to the realization that if I had plans of being together with Gregory for a long time, then I had to learn how to accommodate him in not just my heart but also my life.

"How do I look?" I

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