Chapter one


She looked exactly as I remembered; tall, dark skinned with legs that seemed endless. I watched as she confidently strode to where I sat, elegance oozing from everything she wore. What completely enraptured me though was her lips that was painted a bright red colour, I remembered vividly how my lips felt on hers and for a brief moment, my groins ached. Iris. In just one night she had her being imprinted in my mind.

 "Mr Enyinnaya Amadi?" She asked as she got to where I sat.

"Yes. Please do sit down." I replied

"Nice restaurant this hotel has" she said after a quick appraisal of the restaurant.

"Yeah, really nice, and I can assure you, the rooms are even better." I replied with a knowing wink hoping she caught the meaning behind my response.

She smiled showing her perfect set of teeth, catching me off guard. She was beyond beautiful and I was glad I was the reason behind her smile though, my joy was cut short by her succeeding sentence.

"Listen up, Mr corny, I sure didn't come here to discuss how good this hotel bedrooms are, so, in lue of that I will ask that will go straight to business." 

 I laughed to hide my slight embarrassment, though I expected a sharp retort from her, I never expected a complete brush off. I wasn't one to be put off by a little challenge, so little miss firebrand was in for a shocker soon, but for now I was going to make it look like I was a loyal puppy.

"Okay Iris, let's talk business" 

"It's Miss Adelana to you."

"Wow. I didn't think you would be offended by that. My apologies Miss Adelana. About the contract, I am sure you know it's irresistible as you must have read it yourself. Surely your personal assistant did let you know that I have some terms and conditions, right?"

 "Yes. That is why I took the pain to come here myself." She replied stressing the word pain.

"Well, that makes it easier to say this?"

"Say what?" She asked, lifting her left eye brow.

"I will be going on a weekend vacation soon and I will love for you to be my traveling companion."

She laughed hysterically like I had just said the most insane thing.

"Mr Enyinnaya Amadi, I want to believe you are a very funny man and that was just a joke, okay?"

"No jokes woman." I answered, making sure my face was devoid of any sign of humour. "I am quite serious about this, I can assure you that you're going to get to love every minute of it."

"Really? And if I say no to this Vacation proposal off yours?" She asked, this time with her arms wrapped underneath her breast, thus making the already protuberant breasts more noticeable.

"I'm certain you know what Mr corny would do."

"No I don't. Why don't you tell me." She said, staring unblinkingly at me as if daring me to threaten her.

"Well, I will say we have no business with each other then."

"Mr Amadi, you do know that this contract will be beneficial to your conglomerate? very beneficial."n

"I do know that Miss Adelana, worth millions of dollars. I'm willing to let it go if I can't have you along with it." I knew I had struck a nerve when she gnashed her teeth. 

"You are a psycho!" 

"I know and a gorgeous one at that." I said and smirked knowingly.

"Mr Amadi, I will have you know that I am not a property you can acquire neither am I a desperate pauper you can buy with a few bucks."

"Ten million dollars annual profit added to your company's gross profit is not a few bucks. Let's not forget the fact that you get to succeed your father. Come on, you won't be stupid enough to throw that away just for your unnecessary pride.Or, will you?"

"Do you do this regularly? Is this a habit of yours or are you just being this way with me?"

"I'm not sure I know what you are talking about."

"Oh really? I'm asking if you try to fuck every female who you have to do business with?"

"No, just the ones I've fucked before and happened to enjoy." I replied. Ready to receive whatever hell she would unleash on me. What I didn't understand though, was if she was just pretending or if she really didn't remember our night together."

"If this is a game just stop it. It's not funny anymore, how can you insinuate that we've had sex prior to now when indeed I'm meeting you for the first time. How can you get so low to fabricate a lie just to sleep with me Mr Amadi? How?" She yelled at me, obviously no longer trying to conceal her fury.

" Cubana club, Lagos,June ninth, last year."

"So? Wait, you are now having my private life investigated?"

"Normally I do a private investigation on any one I plan to do business with, but this information didn't come from a private investigation. It came from you Mami."

"Another lie."

"You really don't remember? You told me it was your birthday and also the worst day of your life as that happened to be the day your mother died from a heart attack because of your father's mistress. You begged me to make you feel good. " I stressed the word beg just to imply the fact that she came on to me.

"Oh my God, Mr ghost, you are Mr ghost?"

"Mr ghost? Why would you call me that, I'm obviously not a ghost."

"What was I supposed to call you? I woke up the next morning and you were gone, the only sign you left behind was a note and the paid bills for the room we slept in."

"I'm very certain that I left more than just a note and paid bills." I said with a smirk. "Your body, I'm sure had my marks." 

I watched her swallow hard as if asking the drink to rescue her from her predator, which at that moment, was me.

"Well" she began, though, less confidently, "I don't remember a thing from that night and I feel that it's best that way, besides it was just a one night stand kind of thing, so just forget about it."

"I can't. Now that you know why I want you, I guess we're good, right?"

"On the contrary, we are not. That night is just a regrettable part of my past, this contract is my future and won't have you ruin it for me or try to dally with it. Matter of fact, I am not going on that trip with you and I certainly won't have you ruin this contract." She said getting up from the seat, she didn't look back even once as she left the restaurant. It was quite evident that she wasn't going to bend that easily and I was prepared to wait. However, waiting didn't take too long.

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