Chapter Two


Ten minutes; ten minutes was all it took before she returned through the same door she walked out from. I couldn't help the smile that palmed my face. Iris, she was a spitfire, a fierce, stubborn and achingly arrogant princess, a very though one at that, but somehow, she knew when to bend to a tougher wind. After our night together she had left a kind void no other woman had been able to fill,  engaging me in a rigorous task of searching for a certain lady called Iris that had proved futile, but then fate had brought her back to me through a business contract and I wasn't just going to let her go. 

"You are back, didn't expect you to return so soon" I said as she came to stand before me.

She snorted in an unladylike manner, pulled out the chair she had sat on before and dropped her bag before taking another to sit on.

"The smile on your arrogant face says the exact opposite, so don't you try to make me your object of jest."

"Really? I have an arrogant face, tell me about it."

"Is that what we should be talking about right now?" She asked me.

"What else would you have us discuss Mami?"

"First; you have to stop calling me that, I told you it's Miss Adelana to you. Next I feel we should be discussing about the business, not your face."

"What more should we discuss, I like the proposal and I'm willing to collaborate with you, but you know my terms."

"What do you think will happen to your company should I involve the press in this, say I tell them that you are harrasing me, I can imagine how the headline will be ' C.E.O Amadi Group of company, Mr Enyinnaya Amadi  tries to sexually assault a young innocent heiress.'  I'm sure you know what that will do to not just your company but you as well?" She smiled like a champion who had just won a long war.

"I can assure you that my company and I will come out of your rants unharmed. I can assure you of that Mami."

"You can't be so sure Mr Amadi, especially since that heiress is me. You don't know what is about to hit you " 

"What I do know is that no one will believe your story, especially since you lack evidence to prove your story,  and it could actually backfire should I decide to play dirty,  believe me Mami, I can get very very dirty. Think about it, why would a drop dead gorgeous hunk like me with a great background and an even greater bank account want to settle for an average female like you, more less try to force myself on you?" It wasn't supposed to get this far but every expression on her face was priceless as I toyed with her mind so I continued. "All I just have to do is tell them you threw yourself at me in exchange for a contract worth millions of dollar and upon my rejection you became a scorned lady whose fury hell is yet to match, luckily I have the contract papers to serve as evidence in the court." At this point I made a mocking gesture and laughed. "Oh! And as for the headline, it will read ' Truth Revealed; Scorned heiress tries to frame Amadi Group of Company's Young C.E.O' wouldn't that give the media a field day?

" You are crazy if you think I have no evidence to prove your misconduct, I have it right here with me" she said as she dug into her bag in search of the supposed evidence. I couldn't help but smile at her ignorance. Whatever it was that she was looking for seemed to have disappeared as she frantically continued her search , this time with less confidence. I couldn't let her continue the search especially when I knew it was going to prove futile, so I beckoned to Kennedy; one of my trusted guard who had been standing beside the door, to come over.

"We are done with our conversation so you can give it back to her."

"Okay sir" Kennedy replied as he brought out an iPhone eleven pro and handed it over to Iris.

"My phone, oh my god! Why do you have my phone with you? To think I thought I was..."

"Recording?" I completed the sentence fully aware of her failed attempt at trapping me.

"But how did you know, in short I know I walked in here with my phone so how come your toyboy has it? Tell me now!" She demanded extremely furious. I couldn't blame her, anyone in her situation would be furious as well.

"It was easy, I had Kennedy take it from your bag on your way in. Look, your return was quite suspicious and I had a feeling you would try to trap me but I just couldn't let it happen so I just did what I had to just to protect myself. I'm sorry though for making upsetting you.

"I still don't get it. I didn't even pause at the door so how did he manage to get it so fast.?"

"What you just have to know is that Kennedy's work name is swift and that is because he's fast at everything especially theft abd breaking into things. He's one of the very best at what he does, taking your phone was a little challenge for him. Anyway now that your plan failed, what is it gonna be?"

"What else? Isn't it glaring you won?"

"What are you insinuating Mami?" I asked excitedly, Victory sure had a pleasant taste and I was reeling in it.

"I'm saying fine let's travel together, I will be the companion you want but in exchange for your collaboration with my company. We can have as much fun as you desire during the vacation, but once it's over don't expect anything else from me. Do you understand me, Mr Amadi Enyinnaya?"

"Sure I do, trust me, I really do understand you. So deal?" I asked with my right hand stretched out in anticipation of a handshake.

"Deal" she said, placing her Little hand in mine "After all it's just a weekend."

To her it was just a weekend, but somehow, I felt it was going to be the beginning of something beautiful and unstoppable.

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