Chapter Five


"Hey Mami" The caller said. A deep frown graced my face, I didn't need any priest to tell me the caller was; Enyinnaya Amadi. A nice way to ruin my already not so good morning. I wasn't going to ask how he got my private number cause that would be akin to asking the devil how he possessed humans.

"What do you want?" I asked, still with an angry voice.

"We both know what I want, right Mami?" He teased.

"See, Mr Amadi or whatever, it's too early in the morning for games, so if you are not going to say anything reasonable, I will suggest you get off my phone. Some of us have to work to keep living."

*Come on Mami. Why are you being so cranky this early in the morning, huh?" 

What the heck! He had nerves acting like he didn't know he was the reason I was being cranky so early in the morning. At that point, my patience became exhausted and I was about to cut his call when he continued.

"I need to see you today. Meet me same place as yesterday, same time too, but make sure you come with your international passport. We have a journey to prepare for."

"I already told you I have work to do today. If it's my passport you need I will have my driver bring it to you, and since you already have my private number we can discuss any other thing through the phone, so we don't have to meet."

"But we do, Mami. I need to see your beautiful face and body atleast."


"And we have business to do together, unless you feel otherwise and leave me no choice but to look elsewhere."

  The crazy man was threatening me. I had to admit he had the upper hand, especially now that my dad's company was facing a crisis and my uncle, was roaming around like a lion seeking how to devour me since, I was to be my father's successor.

"Fine I will come myself. Just give me time to finish what I was working on last night, please." It hurt that I had to beg him, but my consolation, was the fact that, it wouldn't be a forever thing. Once I get the contract I would cut all personal ties with him, for now, I would have to let him glory in his temporary victory.

"Very well then, I'm not an inconsiderate bastard, so I will let you come two hours later than yesterday's time. Will that be fine for you?"

"Yes, thank you. See you then." I said and ended the call.


"Babe you have a call." Chike said to me.

"Who is calling?" I questioned from the bathroom. It was a Sunday and I was getting ready for service.

"Your boss. Don't tell me she still expects you to work on Sundays." Chike said this time as if in disbelief. Chike, my boyfriend of just three months was way better than my ex who I had loved and dated for seven years before our unavoidable final break up. I know I wasn't supposed to compare but in just few months of our relationship, Chike was constantly proving to be a good man. 

"No, I'm sure she just wants to check up on me, and perhaps pass some useful information to me."

"If you say so. Aren't you done with your bath? So that you can come pick up the call, she seems determined to talk with you this morning.

"I'm through, you can come have your bath." 

"Okay" He said standing up from the bed. 

"Good morning ma." I greeted as soon as I picked the call.

"I know I'm imposing on you and I'm sorry that I am, but I need a favour from you."

"Whatever it is, as long as it's within my capability I will oblige you ma."

"Thanks dear. It's the devil again, he is insisting he wants to see me again."

"That sounds like he is asking you out on a date. How am I supposed to be of assistance."

"Well thanks to God, he didn't ask insist to see me alone, so I was hoping we could go together, if that doesn't disturb your plans for the day."

"It certainly will, but I can create time for it, that is if it's not this morning, you know it's Sunday and I have to go to church."

"Yes I know, I asked him for more time, so we leave by four this evening. Is that fine by you?"

"Yeah sure it is. I just have to let Chike know. Anyway hope you are doing fine ma?"

"Yes I am" I lied.

"Ok then, I have to go now, I will come by your house later. Take care ma." I said and put an end to the call. Chike came out almost immediately. "You are through?" I said more of a statement than a question.

"You don't know your call with madam boss was a long one? Anyway what does she want?" He asked. Chike had never been a fan of Iris. He felt she stressed me too much at work and that was cutting the time I was supposed to be spending with him.

"She pleaded with me to go on a date with her."

"What! Today is Sunday, it's our day and she's going to be taking you away from me? I don't get it, why can't she go on the date alone? What does she need you for?"

"Haba! Calm down guy. It's not for the whole day, and it's by four P.M so we can spend time together before and after the date. She doesn't like her date, but she doesn't have a choice either. She just have to go on that date because of a business contract. Babe try to understand her please."

"I don't understand you or her. It's beginning to seem like more than just a boss employee relationship."

"She's my friend, if that is what you are asking."

"Who's talking about friendship here. Tell me why you have to be the third wheel on your supposed boss date?"

"Whatever it is you are insinuating just stop okay. Iris Adelana is my boss and a good one at that. I understand that sometimes she demands too much from me, but that doesn't make her a bad person. Please it's too early in the morning for this squabble, and it's a Sunday for that matter, so let's stop this. Get dressed let's go before it's late." I said trying my best to quieten the altercation between us.

"Fine, we will finish this when we get back from church, for now, let's get ready for service." Chike said in concurrence and went ahead to prepare for church. It surely was going to be one hell of a Sunday.

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