Chapter six


Anyone describing Mr Enyinnaya Amadi as a black god of beauty wouldn't be so far fetched from the truth, except this god was a mortal being with an undeniable crave for women so one could also add the fact that he was also a sex god.  

Two ladies quietly walked into the classy restaurant, except the synchronous sound coming from their six inches stilleto heels was considered as noise. 

One of the lady, a tall, curvy and light skinned charmer, was dressed in a yellow skin tight dress that ended a little above the knee. Her hair extensions was packed up in a ponytail and she had a light make up done on her attractive oval face. Though an utter beauty, she wasn't the reason the guy seated at the far end of the restaurant kept an unwavered gaze. The other lady beside her who seemed more like a boss lady was responsible.

Boss lady was a tall, lanky and dark skinned beauty. She was dressed in a white two piece designers jumpsuit that ended midthigh exposing her generous legs that ended in a silver stilleto heel which matched with her silver purse. Her choice of her extension was  straight and black, and, she left it unpacked, adding to her subtle femininity. She was indeed a black boss lady.

The both ladies stopped when they got to where the young man sat. 

"Enyinnaya Amadi" the man said stretching his hands out for a handshake to the light skinned lady. A smile crowning his gorgeous face.

"Nelly Okafor" she replied, taking his outstretched hands, while flashing her flawless teeth.

"Nice meeting you, please do sit." Enyinnaya said pointing to one the seats opposite him. "You didn't tell me you were coming with someone." He accused the dark lady.

"Does it matter, you didn't give rules this time and I will feel more comfortable around you, if I have Nelly by my side." She spat out unapologetically.

"You do know I'm not a monster so I don't eat people."

"How am I supposed to believe that when all you do is the exact opposite of what you say."

"Well it's okay, tell me young lady what would you like to order?" He asked, turning his attention to Nelly.

"Any red wine will be fine for me"

"Okay then, red wine it is." He signaled to the waiter nearby. 

"What would you like to order sir?" The waiter asked, having responded to the signaled call.

"Give me a bottle of red wine, cold whiskey and champagne. Make certain that the champagne isn't cold. How do you prefer your wine, miss Nelly?"

"Chilled." She replied eagerly.

"Well you heard the young lady, so go get our orders."

"Yes sir" the waiter replied and walked away.

"Don't give me that look. You told me yourself that cold whiskey was your favorite alcoholic drink. In your exact words 'cold whiskey knows how to whisk me away from a cold situation.' Remember? 

"That was over a year ago and you still haven't forgotten?"

"I told you already Mami, I never forgot about you." He had called the Mami so passionately and for a moment she had forgotten that he was the devil she loathed. 

She chided herself in her mind for even being the least bit attracted to the man occupying the opposite seat.

"Your order sir" the waiter said as he carefully placed the drinks on their table.

Enyinnaya just waved the waiter away, and continued with his conversation.

"Tell me, how could you forget me, or was all that a pretense?"

"How do you mean?"

"I don't know, you tell me. Maybe you felt too embarrassed to be doing business with someone who had a one night stand with you and disappeared. You figured it would be easier for you to act like you don't remember me and just get the business over and done with. Isn't that it?"

"No, it's not that. It's really not that at all. Sincerely, I didn't remember you at first, I was dead drunk that night and couldn't think straight about anything, let alone keep track of your face. You really can't blame me for that and for the record,  I'm not the type to pick the cowards way out of any situation." 

"I'm curious to know, did you not long for me after that night? Was I so bad it wasn't worth remembering? I honestly want to know, so please be sincere about your response." It hurt his pride to ask but he was too desperate for an answer to even care about that. He was curious to know if what he had felt that night was mutual.

The conversation was getting intense and little miss third party was becoming uncomfortable so she cleared her throat to remind her boss and Mr Amadi about her presence.

"Sorry Nelly, we got carried away with our conversation. Mr Amadi, you said you needed my passport so here it is." Iris said pulling out the passport from her purse and handing it over to Enyinnaya.

"Yeah, that's true." 

"Ma, I was wondering if you could let me go seeing as your meeting is going well. I have a date with Chike." 

"Oh my goodness, yeah you can leave now. Send my regards to your boyfriend and my apologies for taking you away from him." 

"Okay ma, I will." Nelly said and stood up ready to leave.

"How will she get back to her place?" Enyinnaya queried.

"A taxi off course, how else?" Enyinnaya frowned his face at that information.

"That will be quite stressful. Why don't you let your driver drop her, while I drop you afterwards.

Iris stared at Nelly, then Enyinnaya and back at Nelly." On a second thought,  just ask the driver to drop you and return to pick me up."

"Okay, I'll do just that."

"Iris dear, look at the time, when do you think your driver will be able to make it back here after dropping her off? I don't bite, you know?. I'll drop you off, you can go Miss Nelly."

Nelly turned to Iris as if waiting for a confirmation before taking her leave. Seeing this, Iris nodded and signaled her off. "I will just come with him, so go."

"Thank you ma." She said and left.

"Now that she's gone, I bet we can communicate without restraint, right?" Enyinnaya asked, hopefully.

"When do we leave and where are you planning for us to go?" Iris questioned back.

"One question at a time. We'll be leaving in two weeks time but, I am not sure of the date and time, our destination is Dubai. I have a business meeting with a client there so I figured I  could mix business with pleasure."

" very well then" Iris started, sipping from her glass of whiskey, she continued "Will that be all you want to discuss?"

"Why do you ask?"

"If that is all, I will really appreciate it if you could take me home now. I need my rest." She wasn't lieing. He could see that she was tired, he knew it would be unfair to keep her there seeing how stressed out she was.

"Get up I'll drop you off now" 

"Thanks" she said and they both left together.


The journey to her house in banana island was a quiet one. It seemed both of them decided to immerse themselves in thought rather than words.

"Stop here" Iris said to Enyinnaya the moment they got to her gate. 

He stopped and she was about to get off when he hurriedly held her left hand with his right one. 

"What's the meaning of this?" Iris questioned, trying unsuccessful to not get upset at his actions.

"You didn't answer my questions." Enyinnaya reminded her, his eyes begging for an answer.

"Do I really have to answer that?" 

"Yes, please" he begged. He had felt a connection with her that night and he wanted to be sure she felt it too.

"No, I never once missed you, and I didn't even enjoy that night." She lied and it surprised her that she could do so without batting an eye. "Look, that night was a mistake that haunted me for a long time, so how could I possibly miss the person responsible for that mistake?" 

Indeed that night was a mistake, but it wasn't true that she didn't miss the person responsible for that mistake. Truth was that she never stopped having dreams about that night, though, the man in her dreams had no face, but she was certain he would if she ever got to dream about it again. He would have Enyinnaya Amadi's face and perhaps his body.

"Oh!" He said completely disappointed by her response. "Go in, we'll talk later."

He watched her enter her house and left after that. He was going to need another bottle of champagne, but this time he would take it cold. 

"Fuck you Iris Adelana, fuck you." He soliloquized and zoomed off.

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