Chapter 23

~Take me like you own me… I’m all yours~

-Anonymous E

“Luna Moya malen’kaya dochka”

(Luna, My baby Daughter)

How I understood that?


I had a private Russian Language Teacher.

I always wondered why they made me learn Russian, its not like I am complaining .. I enjoyed speaking and even writing the Language but whenever I asked Mr. and Mrs. Jerome, then.. They always answered with

“It’s a necessity for you Lena, So stop the questions and just learn the Language!”

And as a good daughter, of course, I did not question them anymore.

“ Nana ? “(Papa?)

I muttered as I raised my head to meet a Smiling Fine Old Man, probably in his fifties?

Okay, Okay… He is not that old…

“Davay Obinway Papu “(Come give Papa a hug)

I have no idea why I ran and gave him a tight embrace. I should ha

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