Chapter 25

~Loving you remains my weakness~

-Eric Aghaulor.


“Its Eric” I answered

There was a pause before I got a reply

“Oh… Come in” Selena said and I turned the door knob as I let myself into her room

“Hey” I greeted

“You are not permitted to greet me casually” Selena voiced.

Argh! She always have to remind me of how much of a coward I was to breakup with her.

I would admit that what I did was messed up.. But it had to be done…

I cleared my voice and said..

“Sorry ma’am, Can I please talk to you?”

It sounds so strange talking to her this way, not less than 2 years ago, She was my girlfriend who loved the sound of my voice and openly admitted how good of a kisser, I was.

She would hug me and say how much she missed me

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