A billionaire accidental surrogate wife
A billionaire accidental surrogate wife
Author: Rever
She's late

It is 6:00 pm and crowds arriving home from their activities to their families, pets, and that special someone disturbed the roads. Doors kept opening with people entering their residences. You could hear the loud noises of emotions, arguments, and conversations from every angle of the streets.

Far west of Brooklyn, where the streets gleam and never fall asleep, stood a house near the Harper family bakeshop. Its owner appears to be lonesome, yet he is a kind married guy who endured being devoted to his spouse. The door of his yellow-painted home opened, and he stepped in, with his hands occupied with Jennie's favorite food ingredients.

Slamming the door behind him using his legs, he enters the living room. They painted their living room with gold color to enhance the effect of furniture and forge unity between the objects. His wife decided on transparent lighting, and she dedicated a complete wall to artworks. The living room possesses several uniquely shaped mirrors on the walls, a floor-to-ceiling bookcase, and two lounge chairs. Jennie loves to standardize everything.

Jackson appeared not startled when she overwhelmed him with the living room remodel. And besides, he admires her works. Jennie had the kitchen renovated with an under-mounted sink, flat-panel cabinets, white cabinets, marble countertops, white backsplash, marble backsplash, stainless steel appliances, and a white refrigerator.

She delights in designing their place, and Jennie believes Jackson will be more relaxed and healthy if she renovates their home and makes it fashionable when she travels abroad during her business trips. He flows along with her concept because on no occasion did he desire her to get hurt regarding the reality that he could not stay comfortably at home while she is elsewhere.

Staying beside Jennie is all the comfort Jackson required, though he could not inform her concerning his feelings. He strolls towards the kitchen and deposits the bags on the counter. Jackson is an experienced chef, plus he enjoys showing his skills toward his wife. Especially on a marvelous occasion like their anniversary, which is today, November 21.

Jennie had sworn to him on the phone that she would leave work and be home for their anniversary celebration. Jackson hopes to make this day worth her trip back home. He remembers their wedding ceremony as though it was yesterday. Her face was priceless, and she looked like royalty. Jackson recalls his wife marching down the aisle, and he could not describe the feeling he experienced at that moment. Jackson was happy, yet he cried, he laughed, and still, he had tears in his eyes.

"Tonight is entirely about those beautiful memories we share on that day," Jackson told himself.

Despite her assurances, he had his uncertainties that Jennie would uphold her word, for it was 7:00 pm, and she has not called him. Jackson scrubbed his hands, got his cooking utensils, and prepared his signature dishes. He turned the stove on, with sweat dribbling down his body, and heat carving into his skin. He stood beside the kitchen counter, chopping, stewing, baking, stirring, sipping, and frying the food.

The Amatriciana, chocolate pudding pie, ice cream sundae, beef filet with portobello sauce, and chocolate brownies prepared by him looked delightful. Later, when Jackson had finished putting the food on the dining table, he also placed decent sets of crystal glasses and fancy plates, napkins, silverware, and a vase of roses on the table. The dining table appears romantic, although this was merely the beginning of his anniversary surprise for his wife.

Jackson set up a trail of several bright Purple Heart shaped Cherry Blossom candles and rose petals on the floor, from the front door to their bedroom into the bathroom and on the ledge to intensify the passion. Alongside that, he got the bath products from around the tub and replaced them with brand-new ones. Jackson cleans the bathtub and further removes any unnecessary towels and the shower curtain.

Then Jackson opens the faucet, flowing slightly heated water in the tub, minding not to pour high because there will be two bodies in the bathtub that night. He took a bouquet he purchased earlier, and when rouged, ripping the petals off and sprinkled them into the water. Last, he set the atmosphere with some music smoothly playing in the background as the last piece to his passionate bath time for his wife.

"Shoot, I forgot to slice the fruits." Jackson declared.

He left the bathroom in a hustle and ran inside the kitchen where the fruits were. Jackson had a clean plate and sliced the apple when he overheard the doorbell buzzing with intense excitement, assuming it was Jennie. Jackson injured his finger when he hit the knife on the wood cutting board and his hand was at the spot where the knife struck.

His injury bled severely, dripping many bloodstains on the kitchen foil, creating an absolute mess of the area, but Jackson did not mind. He left the kitchen and sped towards the door, putting the bloody finger into his mouth and sucking the cut to make it stop bleeding. However, when Jackson opened the door, to his disappointment, it was the delivery guy who rang the doorbell.

"I wondered if Jackson received the anniversary gift I sent to him. God, I love that man so much. But this mess I created will destroy him. Why didn't I listen to him when he told me he got things handled? Life is tricky and hurtful. How am I going to fix this problem before he discovers the truth, and I lose him forever? Can I tell him I did it for him? Will he accept me or reject me completely? Should I advance home and accept the outcome of this situation? Maybe his love will be greater than this issue. Jackson loves me, and I have to trust his love to save me." Jennie said while watching the golden England streetlights through her windowpane. The sight is beautiful, but her worries could not allow her to admire this stunning view.

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