Everything has changed

Seven months ago

Harry’s POV

The darkness was moving closer; crawling, running or flying, I couldn’t say, as it didn’t stop coming after me no matter how much I run. Next thing I know, I found myself on the ground as my right foot got trapped in a hole and even though I tried getting up and running, I still couldn’t move an inch. My heart was beating really fast.

As I looked up, I saw the darkness was near and before I could scream, the darkness consumed me.

I jerked away from my position and looked around me to note my surrounding, then it clicked, I was in my office.

What just happened! I rarely had dreams and any time I do, it was always a message. This time around, I just can’t understand what sort of dream that was.

I was sweating, I mean drenched in my own sweats even though the A.C was on. I looked around to see if anything was unusual. I got nothing. Nothing!

The soft sound of the AC and the tickling of the clock along with my unequal breath were the only sounds in the office. I rubbed my face with my palm and I returned back to my seat to take a look at what I was doing before sleep enveloped me.

The documents before me took much of the time than what I had expected it to; it was a medical report of a patient that I'll be operating on tomorrow. I still have to go through the other files but I don't think I'll be able to do that tonight; I have a lot on my table. I was practically the only gynecologist available in the hospital where I work for that week, the others left for a seminar in London and I can't leave because of my family. I need to be here for them.

“Doctor Harry, it's eight. You need to take your leave now” I had instructed one of the nurses in my department to remind me once its eight o’clock, so I'll take my leave. Today is my daughter's first birthday and we're going to celebrate it at an amusement park. The dream I just had and the fear that accompanied it vanished as I pushed it to the back of my mind as smile lingered on my face when I remembered my daughter.

“Thank you, Marie, I'll take my leave now” I appreciated her and she smiled back before taking her leave.

I placed the document at the side of the table with the other documents, making a mental note to return back to it the next morning as early as possible. I removed the doctor's coat, picked up my phone and car key before proceeding to leave the office.

As I step into the elevator, I dialed my wife’s number.

“Hey babe, I promise you I’m on my way already. Just wait for me outside the house, I'll come get you in five minutes”

“You need to fulfill your promise this time, you just can't keep us hanging like that every time” She complained bitterly.

Realizing the importance of this night to my home, I made up my mind to do my very best and that's one of the reasons why I’ve decided to take them to one of the best amusement parks in the state.

“I won't keep you guys hanging. I'll be there very soon” 

“Fulfill your promise. Ken is looking up to that” 

“I will. I love you babe” 

“We love you too, be home soon” We ended the call and I focused my attention back on the road.

I met my wife when I was in Senior high school, she was my junior but still I fell in love with that. She was this gentle, easy going and beautiful young lady, and she was absolutely my type. 

I walked up to her one day and then boom, like the big bang theory, from there, the whole thing started. Seven years later, we got married and we've been together since then. We can't say it has been a smooth ride but it has been good so far.

I smiled widely Immediately I saw my apartment and once I was outside, I honked so she'll know that I was outside.

I saw her come out of the house with Ken in her arms smiling at the fact that I was actually there.

“Thank God you showed up, I would have strangled you to death” she placed Ken at the back seat before she takes the seat next to me and placed a kiss on my cheek.

“Awwn, I’m blushing” I grinned widely “use your seatbelt Mrs” I instructed and she rolled her eyes at me before using the seatbelt.

“Hey princess” I smiled at Ken who was busy playing with one of her toys. “My gorgeous, beautiful and charming peanut” I ruffled her hair and she looked up before trying to take hold my hand.

“Where are you taking us?” She asked

“It's a surprise” I replied

“You know I hate surprises” 

“You'll love this one, I promise”

“Will I love it as much as I love you?” She brought out her lipstick so as to apply it on her dry lips

“You'll love it more” I replied

“I can't wait for this surprise then”

“So, how was your day?” I asked Ava and she looked at me suspiciously before she replied.

“Awesome and the fact that you're actually here and asking how my day went made the day gorgeous” She replied happily

“Can a day be gorgeous?” I asked playfully.

“Don’t worry about that, only I understand. I hate this seatbelt, using it makes me feel sick” I wanted to stop her from removing the seat belt but I was stopped by the ringing of my phone.

“This is Dr Harry, what is the problem?” It was a call from the hospital and I knew it was an emergency because I instructed them not to call me unless it was very urgent and Important.

“I’m really sorry for calling you at this time” Nurse Marie apologized

“Just go straight to the point, what is going on?” 

“You need to focus on the road Harry, it's a highway. Anything can happen” Ava complained from beside me.

“Just five minutes babe, I'll be done” I replied her before talking back to the nurse

“It's the patient you operated on today, she's bleeding sir and we can't stop it. You need to come to the hospital right now”

“Okay, I'll be on my way but you need to do something for me, go back into the hospital and get Dr Felix….” My attention was divided as I was trying to ignore Ava's warning which has turned to scream and giving the nurse the instruction on what to do that, I didn't notice a truck coming our way. 

I tried all my possible best to drive away from the road to avoid any collision with the truck but only to realize that it was already in front of us. It was too late.

All I heard last was Ava's screams, all I felt last was the impact of the heavy truck on ours and all I saw last was darkness surrounding the cloud. Darkness! Darkness enveloped me just like I dreamed.


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