In the beginning

June's POV

Today is the first day I'll be working as a nurse for my friend's brother. Harry is not a total stranger as I knew him back from high school days and he was one of the popular boys who were also lucky to have a brain up there, but the issue is we never had a one on one conversation except for the day he dragged me into the janitor’s closet and threatened me that I should leave his sister alone. I was petrified and after that I stopped being close to Veronica, just hi and hey all the times. The big problem was I had a crush on him back then.

After high school, I moved out from our hometown and went to a nursing school in Washington DC. Few years back, my major plan was to finish school and proceed to Medical school and become a doctor but guess what, shit happened and I just couldn’t move on, I was like a storm water. It's a memory that I don't want to go back to.

“Hey Ronic, what's up?” the bakery is the first thing you’ll see when you enter the house. Its on the ground floor, while their rooms was on the first floor. I looked around and realized that a lot of changes has occurred in the bakery unlike the last time I was here, which was years ago. After my friendship with Veronica changed drastically, I stopped coming to the bakery as well.

“June, is that really you?” Their mother, Aunt Grace exclaImed and I know her surprise is due to the fact that it had been years since she last saw me. I’m the girl who left for the big city with big dreams but came back to the small town with no dream at all.

“Yes, Aunt Grace. It's me and you look fabulous as always” I admonished her.

“You too darling, I can't believe you grew up to be this beautiful” She said and I blushed at her comment

“Thank you Aunt Grace, it's so nice to see you again”

“Same here darling, tell me I'll see your wild side before I get to visit my grave. It's one of the things I live for”

“We grew up and things have changed. It's not the same as always but I’m sorry you won't get to see that Aunt” 

“It's no problem my love, I’m glad you're here now and as a nurse too. That's a great achievement you know, how's your husband and kids?” There we go again, another woman, same question. The people living in this town will never change. Ever since I got back, the same question has been asked over and over again. It's disturbing me already.

“For now, there's no plan for such thing in my life” I replied abruptly. 

“Do you need me to give you some lessons about how to catch a rich and handsome guy?” She asked and I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.

“The same ones you gave to Veronica that made her “caught” bald at both head and eyebrow Felix” I joked and she frowned at me. Veronica actually told me about Felix, her supposed fiancée, when she uploaded their pictures on facebook. I didn’t ask her about him because I’m trying my possible best to stay out of people’s life. When she called me the other day to talk about Harry, she had mentioned him and when I asked her who that was. Her reply was memorable. ‘You’re telling me, you’ve not been paying attention to my posts on social media and you called your self my friend’. 

After apologizing over and over for skipping her relationship life on social media, she decided to forgive me only if I tried to nurse Harry. I agreed after giving it a thought and thanks to her constant nagging too, but I told her that ill quit if I’m not comfortable with it and she agreed.

“Mom, June has a lot to do so I think you guys should ease the tension between you and let us get to today's business” Veronica had to intervene when she saw that her mother would not let me off the hook easily.

“We'll continue this conversation later, June. You need lessons” she said after I followed Veronica to meet with her brother.

“Yeah, maybe when we meet in hell” I replied and Veronica gave me the stink eye. I only shrugged my shoulder and bugged her to move on.

We got into the living room and I saw someone facing the wall and holding a walking stick. The last I saw of Harry was nothing similar to what was before me.

He turned when his sister announced my presence and helped him to face us.

“I don't think I have to introduce you guys because you know each other but for Harry's sake, I'll announce that June is here” Veronica Immediately vanished leaving me standing there with Harry.

The bigger problem is I think Im still crushing on him.

“Can you help me sit down?” He asked politely and I was not surprised as he was always been that  type of guy. I moved close to him and helped him sit on the cushion placed perfectly in the living room. Looking around now, I can say this play is really furnished nicely. The furniture complement the painting and the 3D wallpaper and floor works are amazing. This place is gorgeous and I must admit that it changed totally.

“Tell me, why is a city trained nurse working in a countryside with a population less than a thousand?” He asked as he positioned himself properly on the cushion.

“The same reason why the nurse will tell you to mind your own business and that is not the first question you were supposed to ask me” I replied before taking a seat far away from him.

“Okay, the old June still exist but just a little bitter this time. I’m sorry about my question though, I was only curious” I ignored his comment and apology.

“Tell me, why am I here? What's the nature of the job?. I won't properly sit here all day doing nothing” That was not the only question I wanted to ask him. Questions like why is he here without his wife and daughter?, He's married, I heard, about two years back and why is he blind?, What happened to him?. These questions burned through my heart but I guess I had to mind my business.

“My mom and sister want me to mingle and go out more often. I'll need help if I'll go out, so that's why you're here. You'll also help me with moving around the house” He explained

“Are you totally blind?” I questioned

“No and I’m not sure. No, because I can see faint light and when I don't see the light, I'll know the place is dark and I’m not sure because I didn't wait to get the test result from the hospital” he replied

“Ooh, that's somehow, right?” 

“Yeah, you can say that” he grinned and I swear my heart dropped. He's so pitiful and it's sad seeing him this way.

“I’m sorry if all this is awkward. Things will definitely get better as you work here”

“It's not actually awkward, I've known you since I was in junior high school. So it's no big deal, you're actually like a brother to me” I disapproved 

“Did this brother zoning thing happen before or after?” He asked and I was forced to frown at his question

“Before or after what?” 

“You crushing on me” The biggest problem is that he knows that I’m crushing on me. 

Please ground, open up and swallow me.

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